Biking and cycling experience in Southeast Asia

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Biking and cycling experience in Southeast Asia

Giving you a great chance to experience the foods, beliefs, customs, cultural diversity and traditions, biking should be the best way to experience local culture in Southeast Asia. Let’s explore with: Tours to Indochina


Experience and see Southeast Asia in a truly remarkable way

Experience and see Southeast Asia in a truly remarkable way- source: internet

Some people say that traveling by bike is the best way to explore Southeast Asia. If catching stuffy bus makes you tired and bored, let’s get out in the sunshine, ride alongside rivers and lakes, through mountains, fruit plantations, paddy fields. What an intimate travel experience! For environment lovers, pedal power should be a much better choice! Once getting away from those busy highways, you will take in gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and local village life offered by opening back lanes and dirt tracks.


Cycling and meet local kids

Cycling and meet local kids- source: internet

Vietnam offers travelers with some fascinating cycling journeys, in particular, the exciting bike trip from the central highlands of Dalat to the coastal towns of Nha Trang or Mui Ne, where unlike many bike journeys – its downhill all the way! It is possible to arrange tours in Dalat without the need to drive the bike back uphill later! You can also rent a bicycle to discover the ancient temples of UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat in Cambodia rather than hiring a rickshaw driver. It is your chance to freely explore hidden temples less frequented by travelers and feel like being riding in a lost, forgotten world.

In almost any town in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, you can hire a bike for the day for a ridiculously cheap price (for example: 30 baht / day in Chiang Mai). If you are looking for a longer, organized cross-country trip, let’s take part in one of many weeklong and 2-week adventures that tour anywhere from the mountains of Thailand to the foothills of the Northern Vietnam.

Unlike other adventures, such as diving, which requires experienced instructors, mountain biking can definitely be independently done. Hire some wheels and enjoy! The freedom to travel at your own speed is yours. The open road offers endless adventure for the spontaneous and inquisitive and the best excursions.

Hiring or buying a motorbike in Southeast Asia

Biking is a good way to experience local culture in Southeast Asia

Biking is a good way to experience local culture in Southeast Asia – source: internet

Get an engine strapped to those two wheels and your adventure takes on a whole new level. In most places, you can hire a motorbike for a mere 150-250 Baht (about £3-£5) per day. Make sure to leave both your passport and a hefty deposit, usually about 2000 Baht and give the bike a thorough check before leaving – don’t get caught out and end up paying for scrapes and scratches that were already there.

Usually with no license needed, you can buy yourself a motor in most main towns and cities for a longer motorbike adventure! Look for used bikes, which are definitely cheaper and will set you back only a couple of hundred dollars. However, as your new steed is bound to need some TLC, befriend a mechanic. Laos and Vietnam are the most popular places to buy a motorbike.

Dirt Bike Tours in Cambodia

Hidden Cambodia in Siem Reap is one of some places offer motorbike tours of the countryside in Southeast Asia. It is a good idea to join 1-day or multi-day tours which can include camping, trekking and a tour of the Angkor Wat – UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being on a 250cc Dirt Bike, a trip including accommodation, food, full bike rental, equipments and bike repairs costs you around $165 USD per day. If you want to get off the beaten track and discover the real Cambodian Countryside, it is such a fantastic way.

Easy Riders in Vietnam

Biking in Vietnam

Biking in Vietnam – source: internet

Book onto an organized tour if you are not up to the challenge of driving yourself on Southeast Asia’s windy and often hectic roads! Strap on your helmet, apply suncream on your skin and then sit back, relax while enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair and taking in the really charming scenery. The route between Dalat and Nha Trang, where the views are spectacular and there are heaps to see on the way, is one of the best places to experience easy ride in Vietnam. Stop to pop into traditional markets (not for the faint hearted!) and buy a dog for a dollar or a sack of chilies for two, or for a visit at a silk factory, spot coffee and tea plantations then enjoy it with the locals, or simply for a snack of deep fried crickets, which actually do not taste too bad with a generous dunking in the customary chili sauce. Having become a backpacker rite of passage, this motorbike adventure is not to be missed.

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