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Delicious Cambodia dishes

Cambodian cuisine is deeply influenced by the cuisine of neighboring countries including China and India. Therefore when you come to Cambodia you would taste and enjoy the essence of the Eastern cuisine. Below are the top delicious specialties to eat in Cambodia. Let’s travel to Cambodia with: Indochina travel Cambodia

Duck eggs

As a country famous for duck farming, Cambodia is well-known for its delicious natural duck meat. In particular, duck eggs are considered as a favorite dish of international visitors. Cambodian duck eggs have more yolks than the whites. When boiled, they are rich in flavor and aroma. Moreover, this is a very nutritious dish. Duck eggs in Cambodia are sold everywhere in the street. They are usually boiled and skewed into a stick, added with little salt. Egg skewer is a very tasty street food with cheap price. Visitors can enjoy and feel the difference between duck eggs in Cambodia and their countries.

Cambodian duck eggs

Cambodian duck eggs- source: internet

Flat Green Rice Cake

Considered one of the delicious specialities in Cambodia, fat green rice cake is common but become a unique dish of local people. Made from young grains underground, green rice cake is very sweet and fragrant, with distinctive flavor. This dish usually appears in family meals, parties or desserts. The combination of sticky rice with sugar, greasy coconut creates an exceptional kind of food. Travel to Cambodia

Nam Vang noodle soup

This is a favorite dish for many visitors when traveling to Cambodia. Nam Vang noodle soup has a characteristic aroma, plentiful flavor from bone broth, sweetness from dry squid with noodle, minced meat, prawns,… All of them create an attractive dish. Although it is also familiar food in Vietnam but each country has its own flavor.

Flat green rice cake

Flat green rice cake- source: internet

Foods from insects

Ranked in the top 10 most delicious dishes in Cambodia. Consequently, visitors come to Cambodia not only due to temples but also because of this strange food. Made from all kinds of insects such as ants, worms, scorpions, spiders, crickets,… they are processed into various dishes such as fried, steamed, boiled… used with rice… However, not every visitors have courage to enjoy this food. But once people enjoy them, they would feel the special taste of the dish, which is dubbed as “addicted drug” of Cambodia.

Food from insects

Food from insects- source: internet

Neem flower                                                     

Neem flower is made into a variety of dishes and usually appear in the daily meals of Cambodian. The flowers are white, small, usually boom in the spring. It is quite bitter but when people finish eating, they will feel the sweetness at the tip of their tongues. When making this dish, Cambodian people regularly associate with turnip, cucumber, dried fish, fish sauce and dried squid. All of them are mixed together. And when travelers eat them with sweet and sour fish sauce, they will feel the bitter and sweet taste coincidently. The more Neem flowers people eat, the more appetizing they get.

A dish with Neem leaves and flowers

A dish with Neem leaves and flowers- source: internet

Palmyra Alcohol                                                              

Most visitors to Cambodia enjoy the aroma of palmyra alcohol, a special wine of Camboda. This type of wine is usually present in the parties of Cambodian, with strong, delicious flavour. But it only has low level of alcohol so it is easy to drink. Cambodian palmyra alcohol sells very well. Foreign visitors frequently buy it as gifts for friends or relatives,…

The above list are just some of the most delicious delicacies in Cambodia introduced to you. Cambodian cuisine have a wide range of dishes more than those, you can discover other kinds of food when you explore Temple Country.

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