The don’t which you need to avoid in Cambodia

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The don’t which you need to avoid in Cambodia

Cambodia is a peaceful country which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. This nation is very famous for unique temples, pagodas and churches. Their architecture will certainly make you very surprised. Moreover, it is also very attractive for well- known places of interest, relics of history and natural beauty. Spending time visiting Cambodia will be an interesting experience for you.

The beauty of Golden Pagoda in Cambodia

The beauty of Golden Pagoda- source: internet

When traveling Cambodia, you need to pay attention to some rules in this country, especially the don’t. It expresses your respect to native custom and belief. Moreover, it will help you avoid embarrassing situation when exploring this destination. The followings are the don’t which you need to avoid when you come to Indochina travel Cambodia.

Don’t be impolite to the royal and pagodas

Cambodian respect and spend big love to the Royal and pagodas. Therefore, all the impolite, prankish actions and speeches are considered as ignominy to the nation. The royal and pagoda area are holy places because Buddhism is the national religion in this country.

You need to be polite in pagoda areas in Cambodia

You need to be polite in pagoda areas- source: internet

Cambodia is very famous for thousands of pagodas and temples. All of them ban visitors wearing short, skirt, sexy clothing and slippers when traveling. Besides, you mustn’t draw and touch on Buddha statues, relics of history and items which are displayed. Moreover, you have to take responsibility to protect them by informing manager if you see anyone having wrong actions.

In particular, you mustn’t take photos of the royal or pagodas without permission. In every area in pagodas and temples in Cambodia, you can see the signs which tell you that whether you can take photos or not. If you try to do it without allowance, you will be punished heavily.

Only taking photos if having allowance in Cambodia

Only taking photos if having allowance in Cambodia- source: internet

Furthermore, women mustn’t stand next to the monk. If you want to buy something in pagoda area as the presents, you need to save them carefully. You shouldn’t put them on your pocket because it is considered as the outrage to Buddhism.

The don’t in public area in Cambodia

You shouldn’t touch other’s head, especially the children. Local people believe that only the God or their parents can do this. Therefore, you will be considered as a rude person if having this behavior.

For Cambodian, left hand is not clear. Therefore, you should avoid using your left hand to pay money, give presents or something like that. Moreover, you shouldn’t express overdone love in public area such as hugging or kissing. It will make local people uncomfortable.

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The don’t when visiting native house in Cambodia

You need to wear off your shoes when visiting native houses in Cambodia

You need to wear off your shoes when visiting native houses in Cambodia-source: inetrnet

When visiting native house, you should wear off your shoes or sandals outside and arrange them carefully. When being invited meals, you shouldn’t refuse. At meals, you shouldn’t pick food before the host. Moreover, you should start after the elder. It express you respect to them. Besides, you should bring along some fruits to express your love to them.

Local people are very friendly. However, when visiting this country, you should understand the don’t in this nation. It expresses your respect to their custom and belief. Moreover, it also help you avoid embarrassing situations. You need to remember the mentioned information to have a wonderful journey.

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