Eating Well in Cambodia

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Eating Well in Cambodia

While you are at home considering whether or not to try healthy food, Cambodians are going about their day as they always have: they go to the local market every day for fresh seasonal foods and ingredients. They are having a whole food diet of whole grains, lean protein, vegetables and fresh fruit. Cambodian locals are largely unfamiliar with processed foods and artificial ingredients and it shows in their ability to never seem to age. Travel to Cambodia with: Indochina tours Cambodia Eating well in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodian locals are largely unfamiliar with processed foods and artificial ingredients

Cambodian locals are largely unfamiliar with processed foods and artificial ingredients- source: internet

Eating well is an important part of your experience when you go on holiday. You definitely do not want to deprive yourself of local desserts and regional delicacies, and thankfully you do not have to do so in Cambodia. Enjoy your food! Try all the local dishes you want; the Cambodian diet has a thing or two to teach people all around the world about well eating and fully living.

Valuable Practices to eating well

  1. Replace Soda
Replace soda with coconut juice

Replace soda with coconut juice- source: internet

It is necessary to stay well hydrated in tropical climates like Cambodia, but not all people like drinking plain water all day long — especially if you participate in physical activities including: yoga offered at Navutu Resort’s Wellness Retreat in Southeast Asia. Instead of having a soda with lunch, why don’t you go local and order coconut juice straightly taken from a chilled and drilled coconut. Compared to other kinds of juice, coconut water has less sugar, fewer calories and carbohydrates, and more calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Cambodia Discovery

Eat seasonally and avoid processed foods

Avoid processed food

Avoid processed food- source: internet

Cambodia does not have much of its own restaurant culture yet, and this means the majority of your dishes are homemade with fresh daily local ingredients. Take a cooking class to see for yourself and you can recognize, distinguish and pronounce the name of all ingredients. As outside of corner shops and minimarts like 6-11, processed foods and artificial sweeteners have not caught on in a big way, if you steer clear of these types of shops, you will not be missing out on any special Cambodian delicacies. Keeping yourself within the bounds of the local markets, you will have no high fructose corn syrup sneaking its way into your meal.

Many health specialists agree that we all need to cut back on our dairy consumption. Dairy has been scientifically linked to skin blemishes, weight gain, gas and bloating, and even cancer. Dairy is not a component of the typical diet in Cambodia. You may find yourself going dairy-free for days without making an effort simply due to a general lack of availability.

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