Exotic Dishes To Try in Cambodia

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Exotic Dishes To Try in Cambodia

Cambodian food is more than just these two ingredients of rice and freshwater fish from the Mekong River and Tonle Sap, which are the staple Cambodian diet. Cambodian cuisine, which is often overshadowed by its neighboring Vietnam and Thailand, deserves more than what it is receiving now. Any experienced tourists will definitely have a good idea about the exotic flavors included in Cambodian dishes, especially Cambodian street food. Let’s travel Cambodia with: Indochina travel Cambodia to enjoy delicious dish

Amok Fish- dish to try in Cambodia

Amok fish

Amok fish in Cambodia- source: internet

Considered as the essence of Cambodian cuisine, Amok, which is made from Prahok fish sauce, coconut fatty sweet, sweet taste of palm sugar and wrapped with banana leaf, is one of the famous dishes in this country. Going to any restaurants in Siem Reap, you can also understand that Amok is always served here even without the use of menus.

  1. Fried beef with ants

Insects are a very popular dish that can be found on all the menus in so many restaurants in Cambodia. And the beef and ant fried with basil is one of the most attractive dishes that you should not miss to try. Ants at any sizes will be fried with thinly sliced beef, lemon grass, garlic, shallots and ginger. The unique flavor by subtle acidity from the ants and absorbed into the beef goes well with rice.

  1. Fish Curry with Noodle: Nom Banh Chok
Nom Banh Chok

Nom Banh Chok- source: internet

Often sold by street vendors, Nom Banh Chok noodles, which include green curry made from fish, noodles, lemon grass, mint leaves and flowers decorated with cucumber, banana and some other kinds of vegetables, is a typical dish for breakfast of Cambodians. Tours in Indochina

  1. Palm Jaggery cake: Num Plae Ai
Num Plae Ai

Num Plae Ai- source: internet

Besides the basic ingredients of usual palm Jaggery cake, sugar palm and ripe palm fruit are two special ingredients of Num Plae Ai. Due to the presence of these two materials, these cakes have yellow color cover and the stunning sweet fragrance of attraction. You will easily catch this popular dish on all the streets of Siem Reap.

  1. Chili fried crickets

For most of the foreign tourists visiting Cambodia, insects are the most difficult dish to try, and once you try, it may leave deep impressions. All kinds of insects from crickets, ants, to spiders and scorpions, etc. are the inspiration of the full of nutrients dish here. Among them, delicious chili fried crickets are the most impressive dish to mention. At first, this dish might make you feel really afraid to eat, but once trying, you will want to enjoy the awesome taste: aroma, fatty flavor and dust on the back of your tongue again and again.

  1. Steam Rice in a Bamboo stick
Steam Rice in a Bamboo stick

Steam Rice in a Bamboo stick- source: internet

Steam Rice in a bamboo tube is a Cambodia rice dish cooked in special bonuses for these special occasions such as parties and festivals. The cooking process, from choosing ingredients to grilling step, is delicate and meticulous. The cook will have to select the best quality type of glutinous rice, stuff it into fresh bamboo tubes (cork trees are not too young, not too old), then grill them above the bright pink stove till the fragrant smell raises. It’s time to enjoy.

  1. Green papaya salad – Tom Yam

Cambodia’s cuisine shares many similarities with those of Laos and Thailand, especially salad and rice dishes. Among them, Tom Yam dish, a salad attractive includes: papaya as the main ingredient, dried shrimp, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans, has been the most prominent.

  1. Khmer Noodles
Khmer noodles

Khmer noodles- source: internet

Derived from Chinese noodles, but by the united processing, Khmer Noodle, which includes dried noodles as the main ingredient, broth from chopped meat cooked with pig hearts, is considered as a dish not to be missed in Siem Reap. Then blanch noodle with water and then used for secondary raw materials at such prices, shallot, minced pork and pig hearts into.

  1. Grilled Dishes

Though the processing of Cambodian cuisine is very diverse, the dominant source of inspiration for the dish is still baking. From sidewalk cafes, to the luxurious restaurant in Siem Reap, everywhere you go, you will have no difficulty catching the barbecue. From seafood dishes full of nutrients to the forest laced meat full of spices, the barbecue here is extremely diversified, extremely delicious and attractive. Especially a dish you should try to come to this country is grilled giant water bug.

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