Exploring the uniqueness of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

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Exploring the uniqueness of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

Ta Prohm temple is located in Angkor, which is one of the most tourist attractions when arriving in Cambodia. The unique history, architecture and location of the temple will give tourists a completely new experience.

A long-standing origin combining prime location

The first interesting thing is probably the name of the temple. Once the temple was completed, it is called Rajavihara, not Ta Prohm as it is now. Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Ta Prohm temple architecture is somewhat like the Bayon temple. Thanks to the historic value of Ta Prohm, the temple attracts many visitors every year. Indochina tour Cambodia

Ta Prohm temple

Ta Prohm temple -source: internet

Ta Prohm is located in the east of Angkor Thom city and is just over one kilometer from the city. It can be said that Ta Prohm is located in a favourable position as when tourists visit Angkor Thom, the only need a few minutes to reach Ta Prohm. This seems to be a “resonant” element of historical and geographical value.

From the unique architecture …

The temple heads east like most other Khmer works. This is a characteristic of Cambodian architecture.

For those who have visited Ta Prohm, what impresses them the most is the sight of the huge, perennial roots growing on the temple wall. Each branch rooted deeply, embracing the wall. It seems they want to protect the temple from the devastation of time. The shape of the tree is a bit bizarre but it creates a special attraction from visitors.


Ta Prohm consists of 3 separate areas and 39 towers. The temple is a large architectural building with function areas carrying separate courtyards. Spending at least a few hours to admire the whole beauty of the elaborate carvings that cover every aspect of the Ta Prohm temple. Archaeologists and visitors are especially interested in a relief that looks quite similar to the stegosaurus dinosaurs. Many scientists believe that the image is evidence that the dinosaurs existed longer than we have long believed.

Ta Prohm unique architecture

Ta Prohm unique architecture -source: internet

Ta Prohm is no longer as intact as other temples in the Angkor population. However, this adds to the ancient, cultural values of the temple. Visitors come here will feel the ruins, the dilapidation of the temple. The main cause was due to natural factors and the destruction of the Siamese war. Cambodia travel packages

To mysterious legend

Another strange thing that stimulates the curiosity of visitors is the holes in the wall of the Ta Prohm temple. Many people commented that these walls were previously covered with diamonds. After the war, Siamese troops removed and carried diamonds.

Most tourists come here to enjoy the story of the “chest pounding room” or the details were destroyed through each king. The mystery lore revolves around the temple would be very stimulating curiosity of those who love history, architecture.

Do not miss Ta Prohm when traveling to Cambodia!

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