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Fusion restaurants in Phnom Penh

Not only famous for awesome traditional Cambodian dishes, Phnom Penh is also the place where you can enjoy exotic local cuisines, Western favourites and tangy Asian dishes at a large number of restaurant dining options including award-winning dishes cooked by the experienced international chefs. Cambodia travel tours

Friends the Restaurant

Friends the Restaurant

Friends the Restaurant-source: dulich.site

Make sure that the Friends restaurant is one of your stops if you are only in Phnom Penh for one or two days. The restaurant which seamlessly blends Cambodian cuisine with modern European fare, can serve everything to suit everyone. Besides a tapas-style menu with meat and seafood dishes that is ideal for sharing, this restaurant also offers an extensive list of vegetarian options. Although the menu changes frequently, sauteed baby squid with Kampot pepper and rice wine and a smoky eggplant, coriander and garlic dip served with bread are always the most favorite choices. Having a nice selection of refreshing juices, lassis, shakes and freezes, Friends also serves a mean glass of fruit.

Being part of the Mith Samlanh “Friends” organization Friends also aids to train at-risk and homeless youth to have a chance to work in the hospitality industry. It is for a good cause to order an extra dessert. This restaurant has also got a store next door with some very cool recycled, hand-made souvenirs, and their cookbook, while very good but rather expensive.

Backyard Café

Backyard Cafe Phnom Penh

Backyard Cafe Phnom Penh-source: almostlanding.com

Being representative of the new wave of restaurants in Phnom Penh, Backyard Café serves raw, live  gluten-free, vegan and healthy foods (not necessarily all at once, though). In spite of the healthiness factor, you will be surprised at how delicious and filling the cafe’s food is, even if this is not usually the sort of fare you find appealing.

On the menu, you can find a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, quinoa and especially lasagna made without pasta, which is surprisingly excellent. After having lunch, try one of the juices or smoothies or a raw dessert made with nut “cheese” and cashew. Including delivery to your home or work, Backyard Cafe can also provide multi-day juice cleanses and raw food. luxury mekong river cruise

Banh Mi & Bros

Banh Mi & Bros

Banh Mi & Bros-source: www.phnompenhpost.com

With a slick-looking bar, traditional Cambodian tiles and brushed concrete, Banh Mi & Bros, which was started by a group of French expats inspired by the popularity of the banh mi sandwich in Paris, is a far cry from the usual street stall where you can enjoy the sandwiches typically sold in Cambodia. Here, you can be served eight sandwich variations, whose price range from $2.80 to $3.80. Being a riff on the classic banh mi, made with ham, pâté and Vietnamese pork sausage roll, the ‘Special Brothers’ sandwich is not cheap by banh mi standards, but it is much more delicious. It is clear that this is far too gourmet to be street food thanks to perfectly crunchy baguette and the touches like homemade mayonnaise.

Black Bambu

Black Bambu

Black Bambu-source: cambodianchildrensfund-uk.blogspot.com

Being a restaurant run by the Cambodian Children’s Fund, Black Bambu, is a high-end restaurant serving excellent brunches and gourmet fusion dining. Small as it is, the breakfast menu changes regularly, with a wide selection of brunchy options for around $4. Their dinner menu, which features everything from grilled scallops to tacos, all plated beautifully also impresses all eaters. As very brightly lit, the restaurant perhaps not the best place for a coupled to enjoy a romantic first date.

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