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How to get to Phnom Penh

Be able to be reached by either overland and speedboat from neighboring provinces, international as well as domestic flights, Phnom Penh is such a fairly easy city to get around. You can still travel the whole length of the city in less than 40 minutes although these days, traffic is getting more congested. The traffic increases significantly when regarding the economical boom these days. Indochina holidays

Phnom Penh International Airport

Phnom Penh International Airport

Phnom Penh International Airport-source:

On your arrival at the airport, you can hire taxis and motorcycle taxis (motodups) just outside the arrival lobby. You can find no meter taxis. For the 20-30 minute ride into the center of the city, taxis cost you around $7.00. To get into the town, motorcycle taxis, which are slower, cheaper but less comfortable, can be hired at about $2.00. It costs you about $5-$7 when joining a usual taxi to the airport from town. As during the rush hours, you might get into some traffic jams, expect a minimum of 30-40 minutes to get to the airport.

Port of Phnom Penh

You can find the ferry port in Phnom Penh just north of the main riverfront restaurant/park area on Sisowath Quay (the riverfront road) at Street 104. You will meet no difficulty finding car taxis and motor taxis waiting for fares in Phnom Penh. Car taxis run about $3-$5 and motorcycle taxis about R1500-R3000 to reach the downtown hotels.

Cars and Taxis

From Koh Chang to Phnom Penh

From Koh Chang to Phnom Penh-source:

Can be arranged through your travel agent or hotel, unmarked, un-metered taxis, which are also found outside hotels along the Monivong Blvd near Kampuchea Krom, are more common. It costs you $20-$30 per day to hire a car plus driver. For a minimum of $2-$3, you will get shorter jaunts. For $60/day and up, you will get a 4WD vehicle ride. tours in Cambodia

Motorcycle Taxis (Motodup)

Certainly not the safest, the omnipresent motos are the fastest and the most common form of public transportation. They are more prone to robberies and accidents than cars. It costs you $6-$10 per day and from 1000R-4000R for a motor trip in town. At night, prices go surely up.

Bicycle Rental

Get to Phnom Penh by bicycle

Get to Phnom Penh by bicycle-source:

For around $1-1.5/day, you can find bicycles for rent at a few guesthouses such as Capitol Guesthouse. Near the intersection of Streets 107 and 182, you can see bicycle stores clustered. A used bike can be resold for around $20 and bought for about $30-40 and although they do not rent bikes.

Motorcycle Rental

How to get to Phnom Penh

How to get to Phnom Penh-source:

You can rent motorcycles (100cc – 125cc) for $3 – $5 per day. It is popular for travelers to rent 250cc dirt bikes, even if it is a bit too much weight and power for the slow city traffic (it costs you from $10-$13 for 250cc). A 100cc is highly recommended for in-city driving. For the poor roads outside Phnom Penh, a 250cc is a perfect choice. Cycling in the city challenging in the extreme due to the chaotic traffic. Outside the city, roads change dramatically in condition. Wear a helmet, stay right, drive slowly and remember that medical services are quite limited if you do decide to ride.

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