One-day trip in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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One-day trip in Phnom Penh

Particularly in and around the city center of Phnom Penh, you can see breathtaking architecture and cityscape. Phnom Penh is also very walkable as being hugged by the banks of the Ton Le Sap River. To immerse yourself in the hustle of peaceful daily life as well as enjoy the most intriguing and spectacular buildings from the best vantage point possible — the street, a stroll is an ideal choice. Indochina tours Cambodia

Explore markets in Phom Penh

Central Market in Phom Penh

Central Market in Phom Penh- Source:

On a few-hour excellent cyclo tour, Phnom Penh’s gritty streets are best appreciated as they are graced with stunning buildings from the French colonial era, mysterious Chinese temples, beautiful shop-houses, and awesome modernist structures. Located at No32, Street 130, the Noodle House, where you can order handmade dumplings and pulled noodles, is the ending point of your cyclo tour. Although you will have to wait long, it is worth the wait. The nice art deco Central Market or Phsar Thmey where stir-fried noodles and home-cooked curries can be ordered at one of the many stalls, is more suitable for the more culinary adventurous.

Some famouse places to shopping

Artisans Angkor

Artisans Angkor- Source:

Today, some Khmer Empire crafts including: silk weaving, silverwork, lacquering, woodcarving and stonemasonry which were so glorified, are being revived by Artisans Angkor (Street 13). You can go to the opposite side of the colonial-era Phnom Penh post office to visit their beautiful showroom. Cambodia tour packages

Take a remork to leafy Street 178, “Art Street”, where you can see a handful of gems among shops selling gaudy paintings of Day-Glo sunsets and Apsaras, to see contemporary applications of traditional workmanship. Situated at No 37, Cambodian designer Romyda Keth’s Ambre is filled with affordable, feminine fashion while located at No78 is Confirel which has foodie souvenirs like palm wines, Kampot pepper and palm sugar.

Ambre boutique

Ambre boutique- Source:

Then, you can go to Java Café (located at No 56 Sihanouk Boulevard) to sample house-baked cakes and locally roasted coffee or the laneway cafe ARTillery (at Street 240 ½, between streets 19 and 7) to try a Phnom Penher smoothie (£1.80) with honey, lime, ginger, dragon fruit and lemongrass or to get a fair-trade coffee. The recent Strip All Night, where cartoonists create a 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours, is one of many galleries upstairs and behind the cafe Java Arts showing contemporary Cambodian art and hosting engaging events.

Sovanna Phum

Sovanna Phum- Source:

While with admission £6/3 adults/children, Sovanna Phum which is located at No 166, Street 99, is a place where you can enjoy wonderful one-hour shadow puppet shows, accompanied by a live Khmer orchestra, with admission £7/3.50 adults/children, Cambodian Living Arts is where you can take in slick hour-long shows of Apsara, folk dancing traditional drama and opera at the National Museum.

The Deco (Corner Streets 57 & 352) in an art deco villa and the buzzy Fox Wine Bistro (at No 104 Sothearos Boulevard), which are two of some new restaurants helping Phnom Penh earn its fame as a cosmopolitan hot spot, are the most perfect dining option of contemporary east-meets-west cuisine.

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