To Keep You Safe, Respectful and Enjoying Every Minute in Southeast Asia

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To Keep You Safe, Respectful and Enjoying Every Minute in Southeast Asia

It is majestic nature, rainbow-colored culture, ancient temples and ruins, heart-achingly beautiful beaches, sparkling skyscrapers, fantastic food, warm-hearted people, the wildlife diversity and low prices that you cannot get anywhere on the planet that make Southeast Asia a mecca for all travelers. No matter what floats your personal boat, being disappointed here is not an option. For more information, you can click: Travel Indochina to Cambodia. The following tips can hopefully help you to keep safe, respectful and enjoying every minute in Southeast Asia.

  1. Avoid the Traveling Oops – Do Your Culture Homework
Do Your Culture Homework

Do Your Culture Homework- source: internet

Part of the excitement of going to far-flung places is to immerse yourself in brand new and fascinating cultures but coming with which is some responsibilities. Considered rude or even highly offensive in Southeast Asia can be things you would not think twice about at home and if you take some time not to just learn by heart but understand the big no-nos, you will have a  much better experience.

In Buddhist culture – which is predominant in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar – the feet are considered dirty while the head is the holiest part of the body. This means many things:

  • Before entering buildings including homes, hostels and shops, you have to take off your shoes.
  • Never point your feet at people or step over them.
  • Never prop your feet on table and seats.
  • Show respect for bank notes bearing the king’s head

and many more….

  1. Dress Appropriately
What to wear in Southeast Asia temples

What to wear in Southeast Asia temples- source: internet

In many areas of Southeast Asia, women’s naked shoulders, knees and tummies are considered as a sign of sexual promiscuity. Go right ahead if you must wear your short shorts and strap tops but when you are treated accordingly, don’t complain. Also, notice that this kind of behavior gives Western women a bad reputation while also clearly demonstrating you are lacking in intelligence, respect or manners. Cambodia travel tours

Dress a little more modestly and this goes for men going shirtless as well while being in the countryside, in all shops and restaurants or walking around town. Local men may go shirtless in their own town/village but never outside, which is considered rude.

In ALL temples, they will ask you to cover knees and shoulders.

  1. A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way – Learn How to Say Hello, Thank you and Please

No one is expecting you to be fluent in Vietnamese, Khmer, Bahasa Indonesian or any of the other languages you are likely to encounter in SE Asia but learn a few of the basics and watch as doors miraculously open up for you. Making an effort instantly marks you out as some-one with the right attitude and respect and almost always raises a smile. In Thailand, learning simply to say ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ qualifies you as some-one who speaks Thai!

  1. Is it wise to sample street food?
Is it wise to sample street food

Is it wise to sample street food- source: internet

Many Western travelers have a strange abhorrence of street food, certain that they will be exposing themselves to all kinds of nasties. If this case was true then the Southeast Asians would be dropping like flies as it is Southeast Asia where locals eat if they eat out. Of course, even though you do need to exercise some caution, the chances are it is good and safe if there is a line of locals standing at a certain stall.

Not only typically the cheapest, street food also always offers you with an authentic culinary experience and is usually as good as it gets – you are going to be missing out if you avoid it.

  1. Is it fun to hire scooters?
Is it fun to hire scooters

Is it fun to hire scooters- source: internet

No matter where you are in Southeast Asia, you can easily hire mopeds and scooters and meet people who have had many of the best experiences of their travels in this way. However, also all over Southeast Asia are travelers presenting bashed up faces with different portions of body skin scoured off and sporting fetching bandages. It is your call, but be aware to carefully choose your hire company and your driving destination as driving can be hazardous and that some hired scooters are death traps.

  1. Don’t Pack Your Impatience

You are likely to have to re-program your brain in Southeast Asia or risk dangerously high stress levels if your world typically runs by tight time-keeping and schedules. Try to embrace this different approach to time and lower your expectations with regard to time-tables and you will be fine– particularly in Laos, at first, this can be tricky.

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