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Let’s go to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are two countries in Southeast Asia with famous landmarks such as Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s Kier Koh and famous beach resort here to Halong Bay and Nhatrang, Hoian Vietnam’s interesting attraction where tourists come here every year. You can visit Vietnam and Cambodia through Indochina travel Cambodia


This is a country in Southeast Asia with plain housing endless rice paddies, many mountains with thick forests, sandy beaches and offshore Gulf of Thailand. This country has gone through a hell struggle in 1970 under the reign of the Khmer Empire. The Cambodian people have stood up for independence struggle, they diligently truest you see today, who welcome visitors with open arms and always had a smile on their face . Here are the sights you must see in Cambodia.


Angko wat in Campuchia

Angko wat in Campuchia- source: internet

This place is also called “the city of Temple,” and which stands for the largest temple in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s national symbol, nothing more little secret when you saw all the glory and its pure beauty. Angkor Wat was built in the first half of the 12th century Angkor Wat attracts hundreds of visitors each year. This year during your custom tour to Cambodia, you and your group of family and friends can experience this opportunity once in a lifetime. Tours in Cambodia


Koh Kier in Campuchia

Koh Kier in Campuchia – source: internet


Koh Kier is the capital of the Khmer Empire, and is decorated with hundreds of sculptures and buildings construction which will give the Vatican City, it would be embarrassing … to some extent. In Koh Kier, you’ll find a huge Garuda, which is a mythical half-bird creature. Let’s hope for a peaceful night until after your child for their eyes on this legendary creature. Also in Koh Thom Prasat Kier exist, which is a temple of really high pyramids rise above the trees in the forest. Koh Kier still has much to offer that as the town is so remote. This is a blessing in disguise as your group of friends and you get to backpack through the woods and explore other lost temple of your own way. This is definitely something you do not think about putting on your bucket list.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country is beautiful geographically shaped like a capital ‘S’. It boasts beautiful mountains in the north, including lush forests. Heading south in the white sand beach and blue sea wonderful pristine South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Vietnam is a country you must visit during your holiday.


Hanoi's Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake – source: internet

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the best place to understand the country and its people. Hanoi has many historic and cultural visit, as well as delicious street food around the charming old town. From Hanoi, tourists can easily continue their vacation to Sapa Vietnam to see the wonderful terraces, a world natural heritage Ha Long Bay or experience a night at home with ethnic minority people the Mai Chau valley.


Going boats in Halong-

Going boats in Halong- source: internet

Highlight of all the holidays in Vietnam, Halong Bay offers a relaxing tour through the night to discover more than 1,000 small islands with great caes. A trip to Vietnam will not complete when without a visit to this beautiful scene – Halong Bay. No words can say enough about the beauty of Halong Bay so just come and see with your eyes.



Hoian – source: internet

Hue was the capital of Vietnam, with Citadel, royal tombs and beautiful pagodas and temples to visit. However, if you have seen Angkor, let’s skip Hue to stay longer in the ancient town of Hoian – the best destination in Asia, where you can relax on a beautiful beach resort, round around the old town or the picturesque countryside. For shopping fans, Hoian is a paradise.


Diving in Nha Trang

Diving in Nha Trang – source: internet

Nhatrang City is one of the seaside resort’s most beautiful and most popular in the world. This goes a long way to Nhatrang is located in the bay stretches scene off the coast of southern Vietnam. Along the beaches, with sand that feels very soft and warm as your feet sink into it, and crystal blue water that tickle your toes when you walk near the shore, it is a paradise on Earth. When you close your eyes and breathe in the salty air, all your troubles will be washed and in a moment, you may even forget your name. The only thing that will be heard in your mind, and your family or your group of friends, as you have finally felt peace. This will be the best tour customized to Vietnam you will ever have.


After reading all of these exotic destinations and great experience of this painting in your mind, why are half the experience when you can have it all? You don’t have to choose. Vietnam experiences and tours to Cambodia and Vietnam and Cambodian people to change your life. During your vacations customized to Vietnam and Cambodia, the spirit of love and hard work of the people in the two Nations will live in you for the rest of your life. Visit Vietnam and Cambodia today.

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