What is Cambodian food?

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What is Cambodian food?

Country temples have enough forests, seas, mountains and rivers should be no surprise that the Cambodian cuisine is quite rich. On the tourist itinerary, do not forget to take advantage of enjoying the renowned cuisine of this country. You can Visit Cambodia with tours of Indochina

The following is a list of food that visitors should try when visiting Cambodia:

Fish amok 

Fish amok

Fish amok – source: internet

Amok bring a dish full of flavor own Cambodian Amok made from jaggery, coconut milk, fish sauce and prohok often wrapped in banana leaves, the typical dish is usually chicken amok amok, amok fish … amok fish dish usually made from catfish or catfish. Prahok, beat sugar and eggs will be a mixture, cooked to the consistency, then fish fillets coated with a mixture of original pieces, add a few leaves slok Ngor, a local herbs and wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Cambodia travel tours

Red curry Khmer

Red curry Khmer

Red curry Khmer – source: internet

Less spicy curries of neighboring Thailand, red curry usually made with beef, chicken or fish, eggplant, green beans, potatoes, juice, fresh coconut, lemongrass and little chilly, so will be easier to eat than the Thai curries. Red curry is usually eaten with bread – was influenced by the French. This dish used to serve at special occasions in Cambodia such as weddings, family gatherings and religious holidays as Pchum Ben, or day ancestors – is a chance the people of Cambodia do the dishes to rise monks on behalf of the deceased.

Lap Khmer

Lap Khmer

Lap Khmer- source: internet

Lap is the name of the shellfish Khmer beef, including beef thinly sliced beef marinated with re or lemon juice, mixed with Lemongrass, shallot, garlic, aromatic vegetables and sauce, of course with a lot of fresh peppers will. This is a very popular dish in Cambodia and is targeted at the mouth of the man arrested in Cambodia.

Ang dtray-meuk (grilled squid)

In the seaside town of Si

Grilled squid

Grilled squid – source: internet

hanoukville and Kep, you’ll easily see who sells seafood rong, carrying small coal stove on the shoulders and serve right on the coast. The ink is marinated with lemon juice or sauce, then grilled on wooden skewers and served with a sauce typical of Cambodia, made from garlic, fresh chilies, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar.


Father Houy Teuk (jelly dessert)

After school is at young people gathered around a roadside row, which serves typical dessert Houy Teuk Father with only 1,000 riel, about $0.25. Father Houy Teuk is a mixture composed of plastic cake made from glutinous rice, taro, red beans, pumpkin, jackfruit and other types of fossils enough color, eat the same coconut and ice cold.

The food from insects 

The food from insects

The food from insects- source: internet

Ranked in the top 10 most delicious food in Cambodia, so as to country of your temples should not ignore it this dish. Made from a variety of insects such as ants, worms, scorpions, spiders, crickets … processed into many different dishes as fried, fried, steamed rice … However, travelers do not have the courage also to enjoy this dish, but to enjoy it once you will feel the taste of the dish special was dubbed the “national drug” of Cambodia.

“Thot not” alcohol

Most of the tourists to Cambodia are enjoying the taste of wine, thot not district, a wine specialty of the Cambodian people. This wine is often present in the Cambodian people’s Party, with flavor, delicious and very light yeast should be easy to drink. Wine good pitches in Cambodia sell briskly, you usually buy about gifts, so you should also buy a few bottles back to enjoy.

Cambodian street Grill

Barbecue in Cambodia are considered a work inspired by the cuisine of the country. It is barbecued seafood, grilled wild meat marinated in spices laced pharmacy should have a very strong flavor, especially grilled Ambrosia lặ mouth, there is also a barbecue chicken, pork, beef from … What difference did the baking dish in Cambodia is are laced thot not before baking should have very characteristic taste.

Noodles Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s delicious

 food is more popular with visitors arriving in Cambodia. Noodles with a distinct aroma, flavor from the bone tunnel, the sweetness of dried squid with noodle strands, chopped lean meat, shrimp, squid … create attractive dishes. Part hearts are hep level terms before processing has made the difference of sub-fashioned dishes Phnom Penh.

Here, are some of the delicious food specialties in Cambodia we want to introduce to you. Cambodian cuisine is very rich in addition to the above dishes you can explore the more exotic dishes of the country.

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