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A picture of Koh Ta Kiev


The magical hand of nature seems to have bias towards Cambodia when giving this country so many glamorous beaches. Specially, Cambodia’s beaches have ethereal beauty, which makes you feel lost in a legendary world. The following top beaches are the ideas for beach lovers to have great experience. Being a short drive away from the

Dishes to try in Kampot

Reasons why Kampot is Cambodia’s top places to kick back and relax

The modest town of Kampot has a strange way to make travelers fall in love with it. Many new arrivals who plan to stay for two nights can be found a week later, sitting by the river while drinking a cold beer and plotting ways to move there permanently. Travel to Cambodia with: Indochina travel

Traveling by mini-bus is the cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

To travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap, you can choose one of several ways, most of which are divided into two categories: cheap but annoying and fast but expensive. Going overland is cheap and time-consuming while flying is fast and expensive. Ttravel to Siem Reap with Indochina travel CambodiaFlying from Bangkok to Siem Reap There

Be aware of pickpocket

Avoid crime and tuk tuk scams in Cambodia

Like many other countries in Southeast Asia region, and all around world, street crime targeting foreigners occasionally rears its ugly head in Cambodia. In general, the Cambodians are warm, hospitable, friendly, open and appreciative of travelers as well as foreigners – and the economic benefits. You have just got to be aware of all the

A resort in Sokha beach-Cambodia in summertime

Don’t miss top five Cambodia’s beaches

With deep pink sunsets and crystal clear waters perfect for diving and snorkeling, it’s a wonder how the beaches of Cambodia have remained such hidden pearls. Most famous Cambodia’s beaches are ethereal in their beauty and sure to make you feel far, far away. Therefore, let travel to Cambodia to enjoy it’s five most famous

Travel gear

What to pack for hiking trip in Southeast Asia

Once having a chance to visit Southeast Asia, you should not miss its gorgeously great outdoor trails. Do not let a lack of vital equipment ruin your hiking trip! Some things are best obtained before you set out on your trip although there are many essentials that you can easily buy as you travel around