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These two skillful puppeteers had to train hard for a long time.

The Shadow Dance Theatre – A treasure at the foot of Angkor Wat

When travelling to Cambodia, life-time experiences not only comes when you go to places but when you enjoy many beautiful cultural art forms. Watching a shadow dance performance and you will see the beauty in the harmony of music and movement of the Khmer art. Cambodian Shadow Theater has a long story, dating back to

Bon Om Touk or The Water Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Bon Om Touk, the Cambodian Water Festival

The Cambodian Water Festival known as Bon Om Touk is celebrated in November all over the country. The biggest celebration is held in Phnom Penh with Sisowath Quay boat racing. Lasting in 3 days, the festival is to mark the reversal of Tonle Sap River flow and commemorate the end of rainy season. The Cambodian

Krong Preah Seihanu

Sihanoukville, “Asian Hawaii”

Sihanoukville (Krong Preah Seihanu) is one of the best-known beaches in Cambodia and called with flowery name “Asian Hawaii”. Sihanoukville is located on the coast of Cambodia and far from the capital Pnompenh (Cambodia tours) about 230 km, from Ha Tien border gate (Vietnam) over 100 km. This place attracts thousands of tourists both domestic and abroad

Song Saa - Luxurious Island

Cambodia – a place for island lovers

Despite not being the best country of islands, Cambodia owns many wonderful ones with which visitors cannot help falling in love. Below are the best five islands suggested by the Indochina Voyages Team.  1. Koh Rong – Party Island What does a party island need? Dense jungle, gorgeous white sand beaches, bungalows, non-stop music with

Main road to Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, the magnificent wonder of Cambodia

Travelers who engaged a trip to Cambodia will definitely take Angkor Wat in store as one the must-go places. Even before setting your foot here, people may have the chance to see this marvelous temples in Nat Geo channel or Tomb Raiders movies during the early 2000s’. Located in the Angkor archeological park, travelers have

Scary looking but nice taste insects

Insect snacks – a foodies show of Cambodia

A terrific way to get to know a culture is through its food. If you are searching for something more than potato chips, peanuts and pretzels; please satisfy your curiosity at a Cambodian market for some unique fried snacks. In every market of Cambodia, deep-fried insect snack is very popular dish and it is favored