Pandora box of things to experience in Cambodia

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Pandora box of things to experience in Cambodia

Cambodia, a state which has seen and experienced so much and yet has been able to sustain its optimism and half eyed smiles, is the land of rich history, beats of rural life, urban sophistication and mystic temples. Over the centuries, the Cambodians, who are highly influenced by the Indian culture, have carved out a niche culture for themselves. You can visit Tours Indochina Cambodia to get more information.

Preserving its architecture, culture and charm with the most vivid grace, this country is a typical third world country with its affable nature and a Pandora box of things to experience.

To make the most out of your experience, let’s check out a list of what to do in Cambodia:

Hues of Gold at Angkor Wat

Hues of Gold at Angkor Wat

Hues of Gold at Angkor Wat-source: Internet

In the middle of the woods, this 11th century sanctum, which was vastly unexplored and very well preserved until the French colonized this place, will readily take you to the ancient world. The Angkor is a religious monument, with a mythical charm and awesome details. Ever since it was constructed and till date stands tall and plush, it has been in use. Depicting the beautiful Apsaras and other flowy details, the carvings are still clean, although originally made of sandstone. There is a moat surrounding the entire monument. Certainly, there is a temple etiquette that tourists have to follow. In the early mornings, the place is swarmed with tourists, glowing of the magnificent rising sun, breathing and soaking in the freshness.

Even though this temple is open throughout the year, December to February, when the weather is cool and dry then, is the most favorable time to visit. Tours in Cambodia

Backpack to beaches at Sihanoukville

Backpack to beaches at Sihanoukville

Backpack to beaches at Sihanoukville-source: Internet

In spite of having gained a hedonistic reputation as backpackers drop-by, this tropical expanse of Sihanoukville is such an ideal hangout place for those who happen to have the sun and sands bug in them. Even though it does not promise to be the most pristine or picturesque, it is circled with coconut palms and long white beaches. Let’s stretch, then you can find a large chunk of sand expanse all to yourself. Adjacent to beach style resorts, there are bohemian styled guesthouses complementing the ornate and the rustic. For sun bathing and nice beach-y getaway, they create the most solitary grounds.

Explore villages and cafes in Battambang


Battambang-source: Internet

There is really nothing out of the world to explore in this classic laid-back town, except for hilltop villages, earthly cafes and a scenic river to visit. Don’t go by the look of it. Battambang makes a perfect evolving ground to the Cambodia’s best actors, artists and singers. You can feel an awesome air of urban approach in the veil of small town friendliness. Once coming to Cambodia, you just cannot miss out on this charming riverside town.

Enjoy the Khmer cuisine

Khmer cuisine

Khmer cuisine-source: Internet

Khmer cuisine is a hidden genre of culinary expeditions that you should not miss to explore. Basically baked fish with lemongrass and coconut, the Amok is Cambodian national dish. There are plenty of sumptuous sea-food and dishes using fresh fish as the principal ingredients. As Cambodia is an Asian country, street food is a huge attraction, wherein you can be served everything from noodle dish to rice porridge. From roasted or deep-fried tarantulas to spider and other insects, the finger food variety will definitely amaze you!

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