The peaceful villages of Phnom Penh surrounding areas

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The peaceful villages of Phnom Penh surrounding areas

The capital Phnom Penh of Cambodia is a favorite tourism destination and not quite strange to most of travelers around the world, especially in Asia. However, with the peaceful villages of Phnom Penh surrounding areas seems to be less known. Most of these villages are not far away from Phnom Penh, and with their own wild natural beauty and the special activities of life here attracted many travelers to visit and enjoy. The life in these village is so simple, but deeply traditional, and the natives are very kind to each other and travelers. It’s sure that any one visiting here is also welcomed in warmness, helpfulness and in love. Also, these villages is always visited by photographer or people in love of art, who want to both enjoy the real – simple daily life of the natives and have a good photograph about a valuable peaceful village outside the busy city. Today we together find out how peaceful these villages are. You can see more: Travel Indochina Cambodia

The lovable children are playing football at silversmith village

The lovable children are playing football at silversmith village- source: internet

Khmer Pottery – Kampong Chhnang

Actually, Chhnang, which means ‘pot’, tells the story of how villagers struggling to sell inferior earthenware products learned traditional methods in order to make their goods more attractive. Kampong Chhnang Pottery is a community of potters who make beautiful pottery in a traditional Khmer wood-burning kiln with clay gathered from the land around Kampong Chhnang City. All the potters here share in the day-to-day operations and making of pottery more and more beautiful and better quality. As Yary Lavin said that they all have different skills and can produce more quantity faster by working together. Their products are transferred and sell in shops in Phnom Penh. Kampong Chhnang is also the capital of the region, a fertile landscape for clay. Thus, the province is known as the birthplace of Cambodian pottery. This village is approximately 90 km in the north of Phnom Penh and is reached by national road number 5. It’s take you around two and quarter hours in comparison with Phnom Penh. As such, it is easily accessible and makes a longish day trip from Phnom Penh. If you have an interest in traditional Khmer every day vernacular pottery, you most certainly should visit Kampong Chhnang.

Travelers are visiting Kampong Chhnang Pottery village

Travelers are visiting Kampong Chhnang Pottery village- source: internet

Kampong Khleang floating village

Kampong Khleang is one of the biggest villages in the area and this place is home of about 5000 families. Actually, Kampong Khleang floating fishing village on Tonle Sap, must be one of the most fascinating places for visiting. This incredible Cambodian cultural village has left a mark in experienced travelers’. Absolutely, if you are there one day, you must be grateful for the chance to have seen this folk village with your own eyes. Cambodia travel packages

The warm simple home of the natives in floating village

The warm simple home of the natives in floating village- source: internet

Visiting to Kompong Khleang is a good practical way way to really learn about places, and understand how the life is going on with the natives.  And here at Kompong Khleang as the best lovely and peaceful place, there is plenty of things you can see and feel. Living in the village is so hard, but the way you look at it is up to you. But, those who choose to stay and live their life the way they always lived for generations have to battle with a lot of factors and the biggest of all is the weather. In general, there are two major seasons at Kampong Khleang: dry and wet.  In the wet season, between June and December, the Tonle Sap Lake can swell to over 7,400 square metres, so making it the largest lake in all of Asia. Now, the water can get between 10 to 40 metres deep. In the dry season, between December and July, the water subsides, and only leave 1 to 3 metres of water behind. No matter the wet or draught, this village is a tight-net community, where the neighbors helps the each other and even strange travelers without question. In the dry season, a lot of focus is on growing crops along the side of the Tonle Sap river, so you can see the temporary houses all along the river, homes to farmers working in the fields to restock the supplies for the wet season.

Temporary house of the people living in Kompong Khleang

Temporary house of the people living in Kompong Khleang- source: internet

The silversmith village

Silversmith village is a small village situated between National Road No.5 and the Tonle Sap River. It’s only away about 20 kilometers from Phnom Penh. This village is famous for its handcrafted products with pure silver with items such as elephant miniatures, embellished boxes, and other kinds of embossed works or on request. Travelers visiting here will have a good chance to see how silver works are made by the hands of the people.  Here are some silver objects produced by the villagers: small objects, small elephants, boxes and, on request, embossed work. So you know the silversmiths’s work spaces are filled with small tools such as bench polisher, clamps, hammers and drills, etc. as working equipment. All of them are small, simple and the silversmith still does a lot of wonderful work with their hands and feet, handcraft each piece to every little details.

Villagers are making products of silver in the Silversmith village

Villagers are making products of silver in the Silversmith village- source: internet

Phnom Pend is not the busiest city, but it’s also busy one, where the life is so modern, adequate and in good condition living. Many travelers like Phnom Penh’s flashy beauty. However, if you are the person who love the simple and warm life, the villages of Phnom Penh surrounding areas are the best choice. There you will keep yourselves from the busy activities of the city, and enjoy the peaceful life with fresh natural air and nice villagers.

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