Koh Samui sunset – a stunning experience for all kinds of travelers

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Koh Samui’s sunset – a stunning experience for all kinds of travelers

Thanks to its exotic landscape and wealth of tourist activities, Koh Samui offers many romantic things to do. Aside from its busy resort towns, the island’s picturesque natural décor, with long stretches of white sand lapped by turquoise waters and fringed by coconut trees, gives amorous couples a perfect idyllic place for their holiday. The romantic atmosphere of the popular Thai island provides you with amazing opportunities to spend time together while admiring magnificent escapades. Indochina tours Cambodia

Looking for the exceptional scenery? Don’t miss a minute of the most spectacular show in Koh Samui: sunset.

Koh Samui’s best sunset spots

Sunset – thing to do in Koh Samui

Sunset – thing to do in Koh Samui- source: internet

Where can you go for the best of Koh Samui sunset? If for you, sunset views are a top priority and you are still choosing a hotel for your stay, let’s consider staying in:

  • Bang Po
  • Lipa Noi
  • Taling Ngam (at Conrad Koh Samui or InterContinental especially)

The lazy sunset

Otherwise, take the lazy option! No matter where you are – no planning required, watch a Koh Samui sunset! The best Samui sunset is wherever you are, therefore, you do not have to worry too much about booking your accommodation. You can admire impressive Koh Samui sunsets all over the island, even on:

  • north-facing Maenam and Bophut beaches
  • east-facing Lamai, Chaweng and Choeng Mon beaches
Sunse on Plai Laem Beach

Sunset on Plai Laem Beach- source: internet

You can sit down on comfy chair or the closest beach and enjoy something spectacular if you are hoping to enjoy some pinks and purples while you drink something equally vivid. There is nothing being able to beat the bird-eyes’ view over the ocean and Chaweng Beach, where you will literally feel like being on top of the world. Cambodia travel packages

Whether you are planning to take a twilight proposal, the perfect sunset photos, island excursions or sunset dinner, sunset is the last loveliest smile of the day and the most spectacular show of Koh Samui. Even in the cloudiest days, the sunset there never fails to impress travelers. You can take it in many ways: simply observing, while walking, biking or running. Watching the literal passing of time as the sun sinks below the horizon seems to be the best way to practice being aware of the present moment? For sunsets, from February to September, you will have to say goodbye to the last daylight around 6:30; from October to January, the sun sets at 6pm.

Sunset on Bophut beach

Sunset on Bophut beach- source: internet

There will be no fix happy-hour for sunrise and sunset though happy hours at the bar in Samui is from 5:00-9:00 PM. Good news is that if you are an early-riser, there is no need to sleep with roosters to know when to get up. Dawns and sunsets usually come after 6:15 in January and February. Dawns starts from 6am and sunrises come about 20 minutes after in March and April. Meanwhile, during these months after May, sunrises start around 6 AM and dawns will come earlier at 5:30 AM. Set off around 7 am if beach yoga or morning walk is your thing.

If you are in Koh Samui for your happy wedding, 05:00 PM is the perfect time frame for your ceremony!

Koh Samui sunset dinners

Teeming with atmospherically lit restaurants in scenic spots, Koh Samui can satisfy anyone who is hungry for a beautiful sunset dinner. You can enjoy unique Thai feat of being not only family-friendly but also romantic. The list below is heartily recommended for those who are not so inclined to wade through a sea of euphoric superlatives in selecting a restaurant:

French/Thai fusion

Dining By The Sea Peace Resort Samui Hotel

Dining By The Sea Peace Resort Samui Hotel- source: internet

Among many hotels happily arrange a romantic dinner for two in their prettiest setting, the food quality of Zazen Boutique Resort food is ranked as unrivalled – with a wine cellar to match, it is truly a foodie resort at Bophut beach, which has a particular magic and is a haven of home of peaceful style and natural harmony on Thailand’s most delightful tropical island!


Poppies Restaurant is a consistent contender in Chaweng Noi, at Poppies Samui with incredibly good food. Book ahead to enjoy the ambiance of the teak restaurant in very pretty Thai style or reserve a table on the beach. Also, the service is great.

Wherever you go for sunset, make sure it is the right kind of unforgettable – remember to bring your mosquito repellent!

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