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Places to visit in Yangon

What comes to your mind when I mention Myanmar? Maybe they are golden pagodas or maybe they are idyllic lakes or shady parks and green tropical trees. They are some of the noticeable features of Myanmar. Travel to this pretty city, you cannot miss Yangon, which is the capital of Myanmar and also considered as the Garden City of the East. Now let’s see some places that you should visit when traveling to Yangon! Cambodia travel packages

Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

Golden Pagoda becomes the symbol of Myanmar

Golden Pagoda becomes the symbol of Myanmar -source: internet

Myanmar is well-known for golden pagodas and Shwedagon is one of them. Shwedagon (also called Golden Pagoda) is considered as the holiest religious sites in Myanmar. Built in about between 6th and 10th century, it becomes one of the oldest pagodas in this country. The pagoda is so impressive with 99-meter high gold plated stupa. On the top of the stupa are thousands of precious diamonds.It would be amazing if you see Shwedagon Pagoda at night in a mystical atmosphere with sparkling lights all around.

Shwedagon Museum

The place that you can admire historical legacies of Golden Pagoda is Shwedagon Museum, which stores and preserves Buddha images, bells, vessels and many other ancient potteries. Visit the museum, you would also be impressed by its unique and beautiful architecture.

Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

The enomous Buddha image in Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

The enomous Buddha image in Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple -source: internet

Built in the in the 1890s, Chaukhtatgyi Buddha is one of the most ancient temples in Yangon. It is very well-known with the reclining Buddha image which was completed in 1907. The size of the image is so impressive with 66 meters long. Don’t miss a chance to admire Chaukhtatgyi Buddha when you travel to Yangon.

Botataung Pagoda

Botataung Pagodain Yangon

Botataung Pagodain Yangon -source: internet

Also being one of the golden pagodas in Yangon, Botataung Pagoda is worth a visit. The pagoda includes the 40-metter stupa and many small stupas around. The pagoda maintains sacred hair relic of the Buddha so it is said to be so holy. All the outside and inside walls are plated with gold, which looks really splendid and impressive. The peaceful and holy atmosphere of the pagoda would make you feel safe and relax. Indochina travel Cambodia

Hlawga National Park

Wildlife in Hlawga National Park

Wildlife in Hlawga National Park -source: internet

If you love to explore the wildlife, don’t miss out Hlawga National Park, which is located in Mingaladon, Yangon. With 818-acre, the national park is the habitat of various species from deer to wild boar, from pangolin to slow loris. The survey shows that there are about 145 bird species, more than 20 types of mammals and 8 species of reptiles.

Inya Lake

Sunset on Inya Lake

Sunset on Inya Lake -source: internet

Inya is the name of the largest lake in Yangon. It is about 10 kilometers from the downtown. This place is an ideal destination for swimming, rowing, kayaking or golf. There are also a lot of exclusive restaurant on the side of the lake, so you can enjoy local foods and take a good view of the whole lake. In the summer, the atmosphere is really cool in here, just relax by coming to see this lake.

That are some suggestions for your trip to Yangon. Just explore Yangon in your way and don’t miss a chance to travel around Myanmar to discover other destinations in Manladay and Bagan.

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