Siem Reap Nightlife Guide Most Popular Spots For Cocktails

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Siem Reap Nightlife Guide Most Popular Spots For Cocktails

Are you ready for some drama and fun? Do it when the night comes falling from the sky in Siem Reap, where you get to visit the most popular bars and clubs over the square blocks. They lie across the town, but the center of the action is nowhere else than the Pub Street. And that vibrant street is filled up with many backpacker-friendly spots, making your Siem Reap nightlife much better than ever!With that being said – we have listed the most popular and enticing nightlife spots for you to read on and discover yourself! To get more information,  you can click:  Travel Indochina Cambodia

Pub Street

Go wild in Angkor night market of Siem Reap

Go wild in Angkor night market of Siem Reap- source: internet

Pub Street is packed with plenty of exotic bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants that mainly cater to any individual preference. You can find it on Street 8 – a backpacker-friendly hub of cuisine and entertainment where a variety of local, Asian, and European cultures are unintentionally mixed together.

It’s easy to get yourself some imported beers at a low cost ($0.50) while cocktails only take $1.50 in the great music which will be turned on until 4:00 am. What a perfect recipe for a Siem Reap nightlife you might love it so much! Make it your most relaxing spot by strolling around and taking in the sights.

A mixologist is performing at a corner of Banana Leaf restaurant

A mixologist is performing at a corner of Banana Leaf restaurant- source: internet

As for cheap drinks? Barcode is one of the most awesome bars and lounges, where you’re able to grab a drink at a beautiful outdoor terrace and garden. If your belly starts to growl, then move to Banana Leaf for a good selection of tapas, dim sum, burgers, and more as you need a break from local food. Cambodia travel tours

Where is it: Angkor Night Market, Siem Reap

Hip Hop Club

Hip Hop Club makes a great Siem Reap nightlife with mostly Cambodian songs

Hip Hop Club makes a great Siem Reap nightlife with mostly Cambodian songs -source: internet

Some tourists might wonder why people call it the “Hip Hop” club since there’s every sort of music here but hip hop. Like other clubs, this place also has a DJ who is capable of playing a great blend of Khmer and international songs. As one of the most attractive spots on the riverside, you can’t miss it for the favorite list of places to go at night with your friends.

There’s no entry fee but the prices are said to be higher inside than in the outdoor seating section. If you desire a moment of rest and enjoy some fresh air, the outside terrace is surely the number 1 option. It’s quite crowded, especially when you come early in the evening, and the place is usually loaded with the youth and young Cambodian girls.

Where is it: Sok San Road, Siem Reap

FCC Angkor

FCC Angkor, where we enjoy Asia, Cambodian, and International cuisine by night

FCC Angkor, where we enjoy Asia, Cambodian, and International cuisine by night- source: internet

Do you want to indulge in elegant dining with your lover? FCC Angkor will make your Siem Reap nightlife the best ever! It offers a full-service bar indoor and a fabulous pool-side dining area in a giant colonial-style building. Once coming here, don’t be shy to snap some ‘deep’ shots at the most extraordinary beautiful corners of the place.

It opens daily and often “wows” its clients with a mixture of unique dishes and cocktails, beers, wines by night. Most of the drinks here cost at half price, so feel free to choose this spot to meet with friends and watch the sun go down before preparing for the night to come.

Where is it: Pokambor Ave. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Mezze Lounge & Night Club

Is there anyone asking you about the hippest bars in Siem Reap? Make sure to answer them that should be Mezze lounge & nightclub. Beyond its reasonably-priced beers and liquors, the visitors can fill their tummies with the most delicious dishes in town: Lebanese tapas, from Tabbouleh, chicken wings, to chicken shawarma.

After that, ascend to a lounge bar inside, you’ll be able to listen to the local and international artists collaborating with DJs for the deep house tunes in every night. Better than thought, Sundays are always the best time tourists enjoy salsa dance with a dedicated instructor at 19:00.

Where is it: Street 11, Pub Street, Siem  Reap

How to Get There

Most tourists would choose to be on the fly arriving by plane, through the budget-friendly flights from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok on AirAsia. However, you can take a train or merely a bus from Bangkok to Cambodia, but remember that it’s compulsory to pass the border town of Poipet, which is not obviously an enjoyable gateway.

Well, the bus ride from Phnom Penh is somehow grueling while taking us 7 hours to arrive at the desired spot, but once making it, you’re able to enjoy a cool drink later on.

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