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In addition to exploring famous archeological populations or beautiful islands, visitors should not miss busy shopping areas in Cambodia. If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, do not overlook some shopping tips below.


Riel, a currency unit of Cambodia, is widely used in the daily life of its residents. Yet, the government allows using dollars in trading, in order to encourage national economy and tourism development. So there is no need to worry if you don’t exchange money before your departure. Also, stores here prefer cash payment rather than credit cards. That’s why you should prepare cash before shopping. Indochina holidays Cambodia

Cambodian currency

Cambodian currency- source: internet

Shopping destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is overwhelmed with bustling shopping malls and markets, therefore you can go shopping anywhere in this country. Because import tax of goods here are low, their price is especially cheap. Even luxurious items in Cambodia cost shoppers smaller deal compared to other tourist destinations worldwide.

Sorya shopping mall

Sorya is the largest and the most opulent shopping mall in Phnom Penh. You can find all kinds of fashion brands ranging from popular to high-end, from local to world-class brands like Gucci, Chanel, Zara, and Mango… Sorya also has supermarkets, restaurants, jewelry shops, electronics stores… If shopping for hours is too tiring, you can take a lift to the top floor to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Tours in Cambodia

Angkor night market

Located in a botanic garden in the heart of Siem Reap city, Angkor night market was originally founded to maintain traditional handicraft villages for Khmer occupants and improve their livelihood. There are more than 200 kiosks selling handicrafts and souvenirs -like fine embroidered silks, textiles, pottery, porcelain, jewelry… Spending a night strolling along the market is definitely worth your try, just do not forget to bargain to get the best price.

Angkor night market

Angkor night market- source: internet

Khmer Ceramic Centre

This is a renowned ceramic centre in Siem Reap, preserving Cambodian traditional ceramic culture in the ninth and fifteenth centuries. You will be fascinated by a plenty of tableware such as bowls, cups, plates,… Strikingly, there is a class to teach pottery for visitors, if you are interested to make yourself a ceramic product.

Store in Cambodia

Store in Cambodia- source: internet

Louise Loubatieres Gallery

Louise Loubatieres can be regarded as the unique shop in Siem Reap with special integration of royal Western and local interior decoration styles. The shop is filled with gorgeous scarves, cushions, pillows, blankets of all quality and taste. Every item here is reasonably-priced, which is suitable to many people. For those who are finding decorations for their own home, they could pin it as a reference.

Note when shopping in Cambodia

If you want to buy some Cambodian souvenirs to keep memories, buy yourself a Krama scarf. Krama towel is considered as “specialty” of Cambodia. This type of towel is quite qualitative, thick and it can cover the sunlight. The price is also quite cheap at about 1 USD. One another important note when experiencing shopping in Cambodia is that you should not buy gold, gems here because it is very easy to buy fake products.

Commodity prices in Cambodia are often overcharged to international tourist, especially in the markets, so do not hesitate to bargain before buying anything.

By sharing wonderful experience in famous shopping destinations and shopping tips when traveling in Cambodia, this article would bring the best experience for visitors.

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