Visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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Visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia

It can be said that Angkor Wat is an awesome temple in Cambodia that is impressive with stunning details and grand scale. It is understandable that the temple is always one top list of travellers all over the world. Visiting Angkor Wat would be one of the most fantastic experiences that you have ever had in your life. Indochina travel tours

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia- source: internet

Built by Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat is representation of Mt Olympus and Mt Meru in Hindu faith and is believed to be ancient gods’ abode. Cambodia kings has made their efforts to better the temples’ structure in scale, size and symmetry so up to now, it is believed to be the world’s largest religious building. To Cambodian, Angkor Wat plays an important part because it is the soul and the heart of the country and especially, national pride.

Statue of the mythical naga

Statue of the mythical naga- source: internet

Angkor Wat is well-known for consisting of more than 3000 interesting “apsaras” (heavenly nymphs) which are carved on the walls. Each of “apsaras” has its own characteristics and it is quite interesting fact that there are 37 different hairstyles of them to check out. Efforts to clean the temple in 1980s damaged many of these exquisite “apsaras” but they are being restored.

Apsaras carvings

Apsaras carvings- source: internet

Visiting Angkor Wat, you will have a chance to see attractive decorations and its imposing grandeur at close quarters. Stretching around 800 m outside the central temple complex is a series of carvings on the wall depicting stories and historical events.

According to inscriptions, Angkor Wat was built by 300,000 workers and 6000 elephants. The sandstone blocks used to build the temple were quarried from a holy mountain of Phnom Kulen.

Entrance to Angkor Wat at sunrise-

Entrance to Angkor Wat at sunrise- source: internet

Surrounding the temple is 190m-wide moat forming a giant rectangle. The outer wall, measuring 1025m by 800m, has a gate on each side. You can find the main entrance which is 235m-wide porch decorated with sculptures and carvings on the western side. The temple has an avenue which is 475m long and 9,5m wide, leading from main entrance to the central temple, across 2 graceful libraries and 2 pools. Cambodia travel tours

The central temple complex has 2 laterite storeys, enclosing a square surrounded by interlinked galleries. The corners of the 2nd and 3rd storeys impress tourists by lotus-bud towers. The central tower, rising 55m above the ground, will give you a great place for seeing the whole sublime beauty of the temple. The stairs to upper level are very steep because it is believed that reaching the kingdom of the gods is not an easy task.

Angkor Wat at night

Angkor Wat at night- source: internet

When visiting Angkor Wat, you should pay attention to your dress. Because the temples of Angkor represent a sacred religious place to the Khmer, visitors are asked to dress modestly. Besides, visitors are reminded not to touch or sit on ancient structures and also should be respectful to the monks in temple.
Above is basic information about Angkor Wat – one of seven wonders of the world. It would be great if you have chance to discover the temple’s beauty and the Khmer’s culture with your own eyes.

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