Visiting Bayon Temple in Cambodia

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Visiting Bayon Temple in Cambodia

Cambodia is the famous country for its pagodas and temples. This is the reason why the number of tourists coming to this nation is rising rapidly. They come here to get a chance to contemplate the beauty and uniqueness of this nation. Visiting Cambodia, tourists shouldn’t miss Bayon temple – one of the most well-known destinations.

Being established in  century under King Jayavaraman VII dynasty, this is one of the most ancient temples in Cambodia. Moreover, Bayon temple is located in the center of Angkor Thom complex with 216 giant and mysterious rock faces. Now, both local people and historians haven’t understood the meaning of these faces. Besides, there are many engraved pictures about the daily activities of Khmer, army parade and so on. Indochina tours Cambodia

Some suppositions about Bayon temple in Cambodia

The similarity between 216 giant faces in Bayon temple and other statues of King Jayavaraman VII makes many scholars believed that these faces are the representatives of this king. However, the others suppose that these are the symbols of the faces of Bodhisattva.

The faces which contain many suppositions in Bayon temple

The faces which contain many suppositions in Bayon temple- source: internet

Some unique features of Bayon temple, which make this destination be appreciated by experts and popular with travelers

The most typical feature of Bayon temple is the clever arrangement of the towers with many stone faces in the center of this temple. Furthermore, the temple is also known thanks to 2 continuously engraved embossments, which express the legend, history and mundane joys. JSA institute in Japan which has taken the responsibility of restoring Bayon temple described that this temple was the most unique symbol of Baroque style in Khmer culture. Especially, the structure of Bayon temple almost contrasts to that of Angkor Wat temple.

Bayon temple seen from outside

Bayon temple seen from outside – source: Internet

Bayon temple turns to the East, but the main buildings inside turns to the West. Surprisingly, this temple doesn’t have any barriers around. However, it is protected by the specific structures.

In the temple, there are 2 libraries of picture and the terrace. All the buildings are connected by the small space. Being different from Angkor Wat temple whose structure impresses tourists by open space and large area, Bayon temple brings the impression from close and religious structure. The wall of these libraries were decorated carefully as the embossments which note historical events and daily life of Khmer. Although they consist of many information, their surface doesn’t conclude any kinds of text or letters. Therefore, researchers can’t be sure whether these events were put in any orders. tours in Indochina

The faces with many different moods in Bayon temple

The faces with many different moods in Bayon temple – source: Internet

The center tower is about 43 meters in height when compared with the ground. At the first time, its main religious image was Buddha statue whose height was 3.6 meters. However, under the dynasty of Hinduism, it was destroyed completely. Since being restored in 1933, this Buddha statue has been showed in a small room.

People have make many efforts to research some important meanings thanks to the number of towers, but they have to deal with change of designs because of time. Fortunately, scientists has demonstrated that Bayon temple had 49 towers but until now, the number is 37.

Tourists are taking photoes when visiting Bayon temple

Tourists are taking photoes when visiting Bayon temple- source: internet

Bayon temple is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in Cambodia. This temple has the unique beauties in many fields such as history and architecture. Coming here, you will have chance contemplate the mighty and mysterious designs. Therefore, it is very worth spending your holiday visiting Bayon temple.

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