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Wat Visoun Temple

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations of Laos, Luang Prabang has been well-known for serenity and ancient palatial beauty with a lot of classical architectures. Wat Visoun (also called Wat Wisunarat) is the Luang Prabang’s oldest operating temple and was once home to the Prabang Buddhas. Its ancient features and unique structure have attracted many tourists from all over the world. Indochina tour Cambodia

Wat Visoun Temple

Wat Visoun Temple -source: internet

Wat Visoun was originally built during the reign of King Wisunarat in about 1513, this is the reason why its other name is Wat Wisunarat. Wat Visoun Temple serves as a worship of Buddhist. The central feature of the temple is a domed stupa which is made from mortar and brick. This stupa is said to be designed by  the wife of King Wisunarat in the shape of a lotus flower. In the late 1980s, some French architects contributed to the rebuilding of Wat Visoun, which is the cause of a quite big change in the structure of this temple. In the manner slopes the European-style roof, which is supported by massive wooden pillars. The roof becomes a highlight of Wat Visoun Temple.

A enormous Buddha image inside the temple

A enormous Buddha image inside the temple -source: internet

The temple includes 2 main parts, one is the sim and the other one is That Makmo stupa:

The Wat Visoun’s sim

Originally, the sim was made of wood, which was a spectacular example of Lao craftsmanship. In the 1887s, almost of the sim was destroyed due to the invasion of the Chinese Haw Black Flags marauders. After rebuilt between 1896 and 1898, it becomes a pretty simple brick structure with a two-tiered roof. On the doors, there are delicate gilded carvings that depict the Hindu Gods Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and Shiva, and the bull Nandi.

Inside the sim is a typical seating Buddha image with a lot of standing images surrounding. Around the outer wall of the sim are many more standing Buddha images. These images were moved to here from That Makmo stupa and other temples after the invasion. The rest of images from the stupa now are kept in Royal Palace Museum. mekong river cruise vietnam

A corner of  Wat Visoun’s sim

A corner of Wat Visoun’s sim -source: internet

Until now, the sim continues to reserve a valuable of museum religious art with numerous centuries-old Buddha statues in bronze and gilded wood.

That Makmo stupa

Built in the 16th century, That Makmo stupa was the only one architecture of Singhalese style in Laos. That Makmo stupa in local language means “watermelon stupa”, indeed, the dome at the top of the stupa looks like an enormous watermelon.

Also in the Chinese Haw Black Flags invasion of 1887, a large proportion of That Pathum stupa was destroyed. In 1914, due to a hit by lightning, it continued to collapse, which destroyed a lot of gold, crystal, wooden and bronze Buddha images. Rebuilt in 1932, it could still remain the main noticeable features of the original architecture.

That Pathum stupa in the sunset

That Pathum stupa in the sunset -source: internet

Over a very long history, Wat Visoun Temple stores ancient religious beauty that continues to attract a number of tourists from all over the world. Don’t miss a chance to visit the temple and explore Luang Prabang yourself.

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