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What to do in Siem Reap nightlife

Siem Reap nightlife scene comprises lively bars, international restaurants, cocktail lounges, and vibrant night clubs which stay open until 04:00 p.m every day. Pub Street in downtown Siem Reap is ideal for a night of bar-hopping with like-minded travellers as its numerous bar is easily accessible on foot while unique cocktails and beers cost only US$1 during happy hour. Indochina travel Cambodia
There’re also variety of five-star hotels with rooftop bars, pubs lounges and serving imported wines and liquors as well as authentic Khmer and international fare.

Angkor What? Bar

Pub Street on Street 8, it is at the heart of it, with bars and restaurants including such well known places as Angkor What? Temple Club, Bar, Le Papier Tigre.

Angkor What Bar in siem reap nightlife

Angkor What Bar in siem reap nightlife- source: travelmisfit.com

This area alleys as well as the surrounding street also harbor a variety of places – cocktail bars,  eclectic little neighborhood places and more. Its area also has some of the latest running bars in town


With an ambiance that is about as far removed from the scene as possible, Armand’s French bistro is best known for their excellent steaks, but they also have a lovely wood-paneled bar that is perfect for a quiet drink. Generous of glasses of wine are the order of the day, as well as a selection of perfectly crafted traditional cocktails made by their friendly bartender Sokuhn. Whether you’re looking for a nibble, the cheese plate makes an ideal accompaniment to a class of vino. 5:00PM – Midnight (closed Sunday).

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar is the classy establishment just outside Pub Street, it is serving a wide range of cocktails with an Asian twist, infused gins, imported beers. Tucked away from the bustling Pub Street,  Shanghainese bar is fitted with black lacquer screens, paper lanterns, tasteful antiques and cosy leather booths while instrumental music plays in the background.

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar- source:thingstodoinsiemreap.net

It is signature concoction is priced between 4.5$ and 5$ – standouts include China White lychees, and Cinzano Bianco), Indochine Martini (vodka, pineapple juice and ginger cognac liqueur), and Miss Wong Punch, served tall with soda float.

Asana Bar

A wooden house on stilts just off The Lane at Pub Street, serving Khmer light snacks until late. The remaining traditional Khmer house in downtown in Siem Reap, patron may be opt for the upstairs lounge that’s fitted with daybeds, hammocks, and beanbags or enjoy the evening breeze at the garden area.

Asana Bar on sieam reap nightlife

Asana Bar on sieam reap nightlife-source: tripadvisor.com

On the first Friday each month, blues, jazz, and BBQ nights are held between 7 p.m and 10:00 p.m. Asana Bar also hosts daily Khmer cocktail-making classes for 15$ each person, where you get to learning how to recreate its signature concoctions as well as mix your very own cocktail.

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