What to buy and where to shop in Cambodia

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What to buy and where to shop in Cambodia

Once coming to Cambodia, coming back home with some amazing local souvenirs is a must. To save time thinking about this topic, let’s check out what to buy and where to shop in Cambodia. Indochina travel Cambodia

What to Buy in Cambodia ?

  1. Weaving Silk
Weaving silk

Weaving silk-source: Internet

Also named Khmer Silk, weaving silk is sold “like hotcakes” throughout the country of Cambodia. The task of dying and weaving a single piece can take a few weeks as people still use traditional methods with the pattern dyed into the threads before weaving the silk, the beautiful and soft weaving silk is still hand-made.

Old silk and new silk are the two kinds of weaving silk. Made a few years ago, the former has gradually increasing price while being produced in nowadays, the latter has lower price. However, their quality is the same.

  1. Wood Carving
Wood carving

Wood carving-source: Internet

Wood carving is one of the amazing handiworks in Cambodia. Wood carving, which can be shipped your home, is a small wood with apsaras (nymphs), and a variety of other decorative and attractive wooden items carved on. However, if you want to take it home, think about your heavy baggage in advance.

  1. Cotton T-Shirts

The cotton T-shirt patterned with the Angkor Wat, the symbol of Cambodia, is a famous one. After you end the Angkor Wat tour, it is made as excellent small souvenirs or gifts to bring home. You can also find others with amusing designs at cheap price. Cambodia tour packages

  1. Stunning paintings
Cambodian painting

Cambodian painting-source: Internet

In almost tourist attractions of Cambodia, as to get great paintings, you can find a stunning work in the streets, you do not have to go to galleries. You will definitely find original oil and watercolor paintings, created to add some bright colors to daily life once visiting a Gallery.

  1. Gems, silver and gold

With prices fluctuating with the daily market value, 24k Gold is used for most pieces in the Chinese tradition. Jewelry seems to be more unsophisticated and simple, and even though locally mined precious stones, especially emeralds, sapphires and rubies, can be used to create great Gems, be wary of the fakes.

There are uncountable silver shops having sprung up, selling carved practical and decorative items together with the expanding tourism industry of Cambodia. With prices based on a combination of artistry and weight, the normal working material is an alloy consisting of 70% – 80% of pure silver.

Where to Shop in Cambodia?

  1. In Phnom Penh
  2. Lucky Supermarket
Lucky supermarket

Lucky supermarket-source: Internet

With only one location in Siem Reap and several in Phnom Penh, Lucky, which is the largest supermarket chain in Cambodia, provides a wide selection of not only local but also international brands.

  1. Night Market (Phsar Reatrey)

Open from 17:00 to midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday like a local market, night market is an open market providing a wide range of all normal tourist items, such as souvenirs, knickknacks, curios, T-shirts, art, silks and handicrafts, etc.

  1. In Siem Reap
  2. Angkor Night Market
Angkor Night Market

Angkor Night Market-source: Internet

Conveniently situated a few blocks away from the Old Market, off the Sivatha Boulevard, Angkor Night Market is truly a suitable place to have fun experience, to shop, dine, chill and explore after dark. Here, you can buy many things such as: stone and wood carvings, traditional handicraft items, silk paintings, clothing and so on.

  1. Khmer Ceramic Center
Khmer ceramic center

Khmer ceramic center-source: Internet

With the aim of mitigating poverty with free training for young deprived Cambodians to master this art, the center opens up an avenue to help them to derive solid income. At this center, there is a wide collection of top quality hand-made ceramic items reflecting Khmer art and culture, such as Khmer accessories, oil burners, tableware, decoration bowls, serving bowls, cosmetic bottles and jars.

  1. Les Artisans d’Angkor

Enjoying international recognition for the upscale artifacts that are the outcome of constant research, perfect colors and genuine materials together with the texture choices, Artisans d’Angkor  provides not only gilding and lacquering, stone and wood carving and silk painting, but also silver boxes, silver jewelry, animal-shaped boxes, traditional silver boxes and bronze wares.

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