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Best Time to Visit Phuket

Like choosing the best place for your stay in Phuket, choosing the best time to visit also depends on your own budget and preferences.Even though Phuket is an all-year-round vacation site, there is a dry season where consistently nice weather attracts by far the largest amount of travelers. How is Phuket’s weather like? Which is the best time for you to visit Phuket?

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Weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket- source: internet

Thanks to its great climate and glorious beaches, Phuket, which is located around 250km south from the capital Bangkok, has become justifiably well known as a world-class holiday spot. As more and more high-rise hotels have sprung up and once searching for ultimate relaxation, travelers are now often attracted by the seedier side of Thailand, some would argue it has become a victim of its own success.

With an average temperature of 29°C between a low of 23°C and a high of 34°C, the hottest month here is March. With an average temperature of 27°C between a high of 32°C and a low of 22°C, January is the coolest month. The mean temperature slightly varies only 2°C from 27°C to 29°C. With a 3°C variation in the lows and a 4°C variation in the highs, the average high/low temperatures show little variation. Thailand travel packages

December is the coolest month of the year

December is the coolest month of the year- source: internet

The hot air over the Asian continent has intensely built up by May. It draws in cool moisture heavy air bringing rains from the southwest over the Indian Ocean to Thailand as well as the rest of Southeast Asia. Phuket in the southwest of Thailand is one of the first to see the monsoon rains. The start and end of the monsoon season: May, September and October are when the weather is the wettest. During these months, Phuket experiences the 350-400mm average rainfall. The average rainfall in months of June, July and August is about 280mm per month.

During the monsoon season, temperatures are hot: average between 28°C and 29°C, with lows around 25°C and highs around 31°C. What makes these temperatures rather uncomfortable is the high humidity.

This is a good time to take advantage of quieter beaches and cheaper prices if you are willing to gamble on the weather. Even though the rains are a nuisance, showers are often followed by sunshine and quickly over. Since holidaymakers travel over from Europe on the summer vacations and many Australians take a break from their winter weather, July and August have become a mini high season on the island. These months particularly can still witness a great amount of sunshine.

November to February

Phuket in November to February

Phuket in November to February- source: internet

Seeing the best weather of the year, November to February is the high season in Phuket. Cooler, dry air arrives from the northeast and the southwest winds which brought the monsoon are reversed.

At this time, the temperatures are at their most comfortable – between around 23°C and 30°C and weather is very dry. Dropping to its lowest of 58% in February, humidity helps to make conditions really pleasant. With the average temperature of 27°C, December is the coolest month of the year and averaging 30mm of rain, February is the driest month of the year.

March to May

It is always sunny in Phuket

It is always sunny in Phuket- source: internet

With daily highs going up to 34°C on average, Phuket can get very hot during this period. Before the monsoon arrives sometime in May, the heat builds and builds. At this time, it is dry with plenty of blue skies, but many people find it too hot for comfort because the temperatures are often in the mid 30s. Building during this time, humidity adds to the discomfort, and April sees the first thunderstorms.
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