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Siem Riep is a popular resort town located in northwestern Cambodia. This place is famous for Angkor temples, Old French Quarter and traditional Apsara dance performances. There are a lot of museums, fishing villages, handicraft shops and ideal resort so Siem Reap becomes a favourite tourist destination of Cambodia. Because of its cultural beauty, I am sure that visiting to Siem Reap will not disappoint you. However, if you arrive there in a wrong time, you can feel uncomfortable due to the bad weather. Indochina tour Cambodia

Ancient temples in Siem Reap

Ancient temples in Siem Reap- Source:

Cambodia is a tropical country therefore it is warm or hot all the time with a usual temperature range of 21 to 35 degrees Celsius. According to rainfall totals, it is divided into wet season and dry season. The dry season in Cambodia runs from November to the next following May. June to early November is the period of wet season and it can rain everyday July to September.

Dry Season in Siem Reap

The dry season may be the best time for visitors to visit Siem Riep because your trip will not be spoilt by rains. From November to February, the weather is cool and dry with the temperatures won’t be higher than 30 degrees during day time and can plummet to 20 degrees Celsius at night. They are considered the coolest months of the years. Personally, this is the best time for visiting ancient temples, cycling and walking. Without dark clouds, you can watch the dawn in a clear blue sky.

Sunrise in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Sunrise in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap – Source:

However, during this high season, a number of tourists from all over the world travel here so hotels are crowded, the number of decent rooms is limited and the cost of transportation increases. Only suggestion for you is booking as much as possible in advance. From March to May, it becomes hotter, but it’s still the good time for you to visit Angkor temples and beach. The temperatures are peak at April and March with above 35 degrees in day time, sometimes it can go up to 40 degrees. Therefore, if you are afraid of hot weather, you should avoid arrived in Siem Riep in 2 months.

Wet Season in Siem Reap

June onwards, the wet season begins with fairly predictable monsoon rains which usually occur in the afternoon or at night. June, July and September are the peaks of rainy season. The biggest trouble of travelling in this time relates to flooding and degraded roads. Therefore, to many people it is a terrible time to travel to Siem Riep. Cambodia travel tours


Besides this drawback, visiting Siem Riep in rainy season can bring some considerable advantages. Firstly, Angkor Wat is stunning, the view of Siem Diep has a special appearance in these months, which can create interesting experience and strange feelings for you. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the shortage of rooms, traffic jam and the cost for travelling will be less than that in high season. So it is not necessarily a bad choice.

Unique beauty of Angkor Wat in wet season

Unique beauty of Angkor Wat in wet season- Source:

Generally, Siem Riep in dry months has ideal weather but it is always crowded and more expensive whereas in rainy months, in spite of the awful weather, you can see beautiful sights and have exciting experience. Indeed, visiting Siem Riep in both seasons has 2 sides, just consider which one is suitable for you.

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