What to eat for desserts in Cambodia

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What to eat for desserts in Cambodia

Without some great desserts, no meal can be complete! Not only being quite famous all over Asia, Cambodian desserts also have become popular overseas. Whether it is banana cakes or mung bean pudding, you will definitely find a tasty desert for any sort of meal in Cambodia. To get further information about Cambodia, you can click: Indochina travel Cambodia

Pickled fruit

Pickled fruit

Pickled fruit- source: internet

Pickled fruit

Every corner and street you go in Cambodia, you can find pickled fruit served by the bucket load. In Cambodia, it is common to see locals dipping sticks of fruit into a dipping sauce bag of dried chilies, sugar, salt and fish sauce. These unripe fruits can be sour, so go easy on the dip since they often have a kick to counterbalance the sour flavor. Fruits used in this dish range from cucumber and guava to papaya and apple. These treats can be bought at one of the many fruit stalls or from street sellers pushing carts.

Mung Bean Pudding

Mung bean pudding

Mung bean pudding-source: internet

Mung bean pudding, which is traditionally eaten to help cool body temperatures, is also available at all street stalls in Cambodia. If you need a simple dessert that everyone will enjoy or you want to make yourself something a little indulgent, sweet Mung Bean Pudding, a classic Cambodian dessert, is a perfect treat. Though it is optional to top the pudding with coconut sauce, it is best to enjoy mung bean pudding when the dish is topped with its generous helpings. Cambodia travel tours

Pumpkin Custard

Being popular across the country, pumpkin is a common ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes. Pumpkin custard, which is a dessert often reserved for special occasions, is considered as a treat. It is best to make this sweet and creamy dessert the day before and to store it in the refrigerator overnight to chill. Though pumpkin custard cannot be often found in the markets like other sweet treats, it is a sweet and creamy dessert option well worth your try.

Mango and Sticky Rice

Mango and sticky rice

Mango and sticky rice- source: internet

Because of the sweetness of the sticky rice, which is chewier and has more texture than regular white rice, mango and sticky rice is considered as a dessert dish. Mango and sticky rice, where the tart and exotic flavor of the mangoes compliments the starchy rice, is a favorite dessert not only in Khmer restaurants but also at many of the cookery classes in the capital. This dish is often served warm with coconut milk added into the mixture to add to the sweetness as well as soften the rice. After the first taste, you will be gulping it down without regard for neatness, thus don’t worry about trying to eat in sections or layers!


Often flavored with coconut cream, mung beans and sago, the Cha houy teuk, which is a sweet jelly dessert made from agar agar – a gelatine derived from seaweed, is served in a range of almost-fluorescent colors – blues, greens and pinks together with a scoop of refreshing shaved ice.


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