Make the Honda Dream come true in Cambodia

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Make the Honda Dream come true in Cambodia

Cambodia is a perfect place for Westerners who are unsure if they recklessly want to invest money in the purchase of a motorcycle and time in motorcycle safety classes to test their motorcycle wandering spirit.

It is such a fun overnight experience touring by motorbike in Cambodia, observing the country just like a local Cambodian and along winding jungle roads to the corner of southeast Cambodia near Vietnam’s border. You can read more: Indochina tours Cambodia

The Rental

Motor for rent

Motor for rent- source: internet

A passport, four dollars and some previous bicycle-riding experience are all you need to rent a motorcycle. In Cambodia, Honda motorcycles, especially the Honda Dream are the ride of choice.

The Law

Right after handing over your national identity and signing a form accepting responsibility for any damage, injury or potential theft, you will be given the keys to the Honda Dream, which has a 125-cc engine, four speeds, a front basket for luggage and two comfortable seats.

Driving Guidelines & Advice

Motorbiking tour is the best way to see local life

Motorbiking tour is the best way to see local life- source: internet

If you are familiar with Western driving standards, the advice is to start your trip by erasing all preconceived habits and notions. Roads in Cambodia are not for travelers who fiddle with their cell phones, adjust the air conditioning vents, put on make-up at stoplights while shuffling through CDs. In Cambodia, a healthy sense of adventure, defensive driving and common sense will safely guide you to your dreaming destinations. As there is no stop signs or stoplights, carefully choose a path and stick to it. Hopefully, everyone else will travel around you.

Like in the United States, motorists generally drive on the right. Like everyone else does, you could disregard a dotted or solid line separating the lanes. Driving hugging the shoulder of the road is wise. Even though semi trucks and large buses do not slow down, they do warn with crazy honking to get out of the way. They will pass vehicles in their own lanes when there is oncoming traffic.

Motorbiking through Cambodia

Motorbiking through Cambodia- source: internet

Firstly, you might find the honking terrifying like gunshots from hunters firing rounds at deer in a valley. Just simply consider this sound as a welcoming hello, and move quickly to the edge of the road as soon as you hear the first honk. It is highly recommended to drive on the shoulder but there are exceptions. Always be aware of driveways intersecting the road and side roads which you are traveling on. Normally, drivers will not make a stop or even observe what vehicles are already on the road. Be ready to slam on your brakes, particularly when you hear the honking of a semi truck directly behind you as traffic will pull out right in front of you.


Road in Cambodia

Road in Cambodia- source: internet

Motorists only need to be concerned with suicidal squirrels, lost dogs or scared cats in most industrialized countries. You squash someone’s pet and leave a note of apology is a worst-case scenario. In Cambodia, the roads are a winding and long petting zoo. You should be prepared to swerve, slow to a crawl, or completely stop for elephants, water buffalo, cows, pigs and goats.

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Road Conditions

Like the animals, the roads in Cambodia are also unpredictable. Be prepared for gravel roads, the front tire wandering along loose sand, a scattering of large potholes on hard-packed dirt roads and leisurely paved roads.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Gas station

Gas station- source: internet

There are plenty of gas stations throughout Cambodia, and $1 is the highest money amount you will pay for a liter of gas. Some gas stations offer a beer bottle full of gas and a tree for a bathroom while others offer the standard pumps and flushing toilets. Although the motorcycle rental does not include the protective AAA guardian angel, the Cambodian people in the countryside are very willing to provide mechanical services.

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