Moon festival in Cambodia- an unforgettable experience

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Moon festival in Cambodia- an unforgettable experience

Moon festival is a unique traditional festival in almost Asian countries. In other words, it can be called as the special custom of these nations. Asian people organize Moon festival and consider it as an indispensable occasion in their belief. Although having some common features, each of countries has its own uniqueness in how to hold this festival. These differences creates the diversity of Moon festival in Asia.Today, let’s explore Moon festival in Cambodia- a peaceful and beautiful country which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. This festival also has some other names such as Ok Om Bok or Water festival. It happens on  October in lunar calendar. It is sure that you will find things very interesting in this festival and desire to have chance to take part in! Travel Indochian Cambodia

The legend of Moon festival in Cambodia

Moon festival is a unique occasion in Cambodia

Moon festival is a unique occasion in Cambodia- source: internet

Moon festival in Cambodia comes from a legend of Rabbit Bodhisattva. Once upon a time, the story started at a twinkle night. Because of big love to the beautiful moon, a Rabbit always wanted to be live in heaven to have opportunity to contemplate the moon’s beauty all the time. Understanding this desire of rabbit, a God transformed into a poor old man to give challenge to this rabbit. He met the rabbit and begged for food. However, the rabbit didn’t have anything to this old man. Therefore, it volunteered to burn itself for the man to eat. Understanding the good quality of the rabbit, the God hugged it and both of them flied to the heaven. Then, he drew a rabbit on the moon. This legend is the symbol of Cambodian belief that kind person will have happy ending.

Meaningful and interesting activities in Moon festival in Cambodia

Each year, in Moon festival (Ok Om Bok), each of Cambodian family prepares a tray offering which includes sweet potato, banana, rice, coconut and some kinds of cake. Moreover, each of regions has its own special food on the tray. Normally, people put this tray on the yard in front of their house at night to remember Rabbit Bodhisattva. All members in a family will seat around cozily and pray for good things.

Twinkle space at moon night

Twinkle space at moon night- source: internet

Besides, there are many other protocols. In Phnom Penh, thousands of people from many regions of this country as well as foreign tourists gather to take part in traditional activities such as ting rice, pouring rice and so on.

Another unique activity in Moon festival in Cambodia is to feed children, then slap their back and ask them about their hope and dream. Cambodian people believe that children’s hope will come true by this way. Moreover, adults will find more motivation when listening to children’s dream.

There are a lot of protocol in Moon festival to explore

There are a lot of protocol in Moon festival to explore- source: internet

However, the most attractive activity in Moon festival of Cambodian people is boat- racing festival. This is considered as a way to say good bye to Water God. After harvest, the farmers see off him to the sea. Moreover, this is also a protocol to remember Nagar Snake God who transformed himself into a wood to help Buddha pass the river.

In Boat- racing festival, many teams from many regions join happily. The boats are designed and decorated uniquely and beautifully. On each boat, people hang a shape of animal as a symbol of their team. They compete equally and nicely in big cheers. Best indochina tours

Besides this racing, there are a lot of interesting activities for you to take part in such as Ram Vong Dance, Drop Light and so on. In particular, in some big square, there will be music show to serve public.

With the uniqueness and attraction of Moon Festival (Ok Om Bok) in Cambodia, it is worth traveling this country to have chance to take part in and dip into happy atmosphere here. Let’s spend time visiting Cambodia to have memorable experience in Moon Festival!

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