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A very popular dish among locals and tourists

Cambodian special dishes

Compared to its neighboring Thailand, Cambodia is less popular in terms of food publicity. But Cambodia actually has more than those written on websites and paper when it talks about food. Here are the special dishes ones should taste on their tour of Cambodia Red tree ants with beef and holy basil Insects are of

Rum Near Waterfall

3 must – visit waterfalls in Cambodia

Cambodia is a small country with a big history. Almost foreign tourists travel in Cambodia for visiting majestic Angkor temples, enjoying attractive cuisine and learning about unique culture. Away from the temples, Cambodia also has many destinations that have been widely unknown. Specially, visiting beautiful waterfalls in Cambodia in your Cambodian trip will bring you

Spicy Kdam chaa

Cambodian cuisine – one of the best cuisines in the world

For years, Cambodian cuisine has languished in the shadows of its Thai and Vietnamese cousins. But it is still one of the best cuisines in the world. Here are the dishes one should sample to enjoy the unique Cambodian cuisine. Lap Khmer: Lime- marinated Khmer beef salad As far as salads go in Cambodia, no

Tranquil atmosphere

Phnom Da- Cambodia

Phnom Da, Takeo is one of the ancient historical places in Cambodia. Earlier it was the old capital of Nor Kor Kouk Thlork of Kouk Thlork commune situated at Angkor Borey district in Takeo region. Phnom Da, Takeo is about 102 km away from Phnom Penh. It is about 24 km away from the town of Takeo.

Spicy Bokl’hong

To Discover Cambodian Cuisine

Different people visit Cambodia for different reasons but everyone love the Cambodian dishes. Cambodian cuisine is characterized by an emphasized simplicity and freshness. Here are some dishes to try to discover Cambodian cuisine – one of the best cuisines in the world.  Kuy Teav  Another kind of noodles Kuy teav is popular breakfast dish in

Eco friendly bungalows

Koh Totang- amazing island

Koh Totang Island-an undeveloped island is one of the 12 islands of Cambodia’s Koh S’ Dach archipelago. An amazing place that just few people know about, it is the place where you can find yourself, rediscover and appreciate the simple things, fall in love with the ocean nature and life. In the 1.3 kilometers long