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Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, whose restaurants draw inspiration from a wide range of culinary traditions, including the ever-growing expat population and decades spent as a French colony and the own unique Khmer cuisine of Cambodian capital, is ranked among the top cities in Southeast Asian dining. Indochina tours Cambodia

54 Langeach Sros

54 Langeach Sros

54 Langeach Sros-source:

54 Langeach Sros, which is certainly one of the culinary bright spots of Phnom Penh, is a local Khmer-style barbeque and beer garden where you can be served a mean plate of ribs — tangy with a hint of slightly spicy and sweetness. Do not hesitate to come here even if you just want to order just one plate. Although taking a half-hour to arrive, the ribs are always worth it. Excellent and remarkably affordable dishes are crab with young green pepper, “fried fish on the fire lake” (a complicated dish that involves a whole deep-fried fish cooked at the table and deep in coconut curry) and goat with black ants.

As you will be inundated with friendly requests from female representatives of the various beer companies trying to persuade you to drink their brew all night, when arriving here, you should know what type of beer you want to drink. While imported brands are sold by bottle, local options are sold by pitcher or can. There is often a live cover band on weekends. To get the full Cambodian experience, 54 Langeach Sros is well worth trying.

Sovanna Restaurant

The Empire movie house

The Empire movie house-source:

Not only famous for being a movie house, the Empire is also a friendly and excellent bar and restaurant. In this restaurant, you can enjoy sanitized of prahok and served without bones, Cambodian dishes made with a Western palate in mind. Their menu concentrates on typical, tasty and satisfying Khmer comfort foods. Not only nourishing but also sublime, the Khmer beef soup — with its delicately spiced broth and tender chunks of beef is what you should not miss. The red curry, served with French baguette is another favorite. Besides Cambodian homestyle cooking, the Empire also offers a wide selection of Western standards such as chili con carne and steaks with British-style chips. Cambodia travel packages

Tummy Filler Cafe & Pub

Tummy Filler Cafe & Pub-source:

Tummy Filler Cafe in Toul Tom Pong offers the best of both worlds if you cannot decide whether you are in the mood for Western food or traditional Khmer. You can also find Khmer classics like lok lak and amok, Asian soups, noodles and fried rice on their menus. But it also serves up pasta dishes, Western sandwiches and salads as well as fish & chips. Open every day with a range of breakfast foods and specialty coffee drinks together with a selection of unique fruity and frozen cocktails, mixed drinks, beer and wine on their bar menu, Tummy Filler is ideal place to go any time of a day.

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