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Trip of a Lifetime | Travel By Boat to Myanmar

Nothing is exciting than spending your whole journey on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, to grab a real taste of life and take in sunsets over the stupa-lined banks. Don’t miss these popular routes from here, on the boat to Myanmar, that flows North-South through the country and different tributary rivers in the Irrawaddy Delta, nearby Yangon.So don’t reject this life’s great travel experience in Burma, on a wide range of boats from the old government-run ferries to the luxurious cruise ships. Note that there are different sea routes following the coast, linking the points that might be a bit hard to reach over land. If your trip is from Sittwe to the ancient capital of Mrauk U, then go by boat. Indochina travel Myanmar

SLOW and FAST boat to Myanmar
Which one to choose?

Boat to Myanmar can be separated into 2 distinctive types of boats: Slow and fast boats that are the most frequently used by locals. They’re offered at the cost between $10 and $70, but it’s primarily based on how long your journey takes. Besides this, if you want to get on more comfortable “boats”, then choose the costlier cruises.

The slow boat runs from Mandalay to Bagan

The slow boat runs from Mandalay to Bagan -source: internet

They tend to come with the premium cabin and 5-star contemporary service along with a refined elegance of the beautiful Burmese design. Choose river cruises to enjoy the most lavish services with excitement and comfort. Besides, there won’t be regular transit, so you need to book in advance through your travel agent before moving to Myanmar.

In case that spending much money is not what you plan from the start of your journey, choose the “slow boats”, instead. It’s considered as the most budget-friendly way to travel on water, or also the ideal way to pass over the locals.

When it comes to longer trips, then it means sleeping overnight on the slow boats is something common to do. However, you properly sleep on the floor though there are also a few boats offering simple cabins. You can find a slow boat after seeing a narrow and long boat that has one driver sitting up in front as well as the entire bench seating will be built in the boat. Myanmar travel tours

A fast boat to Myanmar is running at distance

A fast boat to Myanmar is running at distance -source: internet

Most Popular Boat Routes


The route Mandalay – Bagan connects 2 of Myanmar’s biggest tourist spots and occasionally includes some fascinating stops at the riverside villages. During the journey, you can view the local life of the villagers here and have a chance to purchase the freshest products produced by them.

It also depends on whether you choose to go with the fast and slow boat, the entire trip will last around 10 hours or 2 days. Besides, in the dry season, or from December to May, the boats usually get stuck, so avoid taking the slow boat if you’re in a hurry! However, in general, a boat journey is said to be a better alternative of a crowded road or irritating train journey.

You can make an online booking for Mandalay to Bagan by boat, and learn more about its service times.


For both adventurous lovers, a boat to Myanmar is an unforgettable experience like no other. The trip from Myitkyina, Bhamo, Katha down the Irrawaddy river is very rewarding since it’s just far off the tourist trail. On such a long trail, it’s recommended to go southwards with the flow of the river.

A slow boat from Bhamo to Mandalay

A slow boat from Bhamo to Mandalay- source: internet

In addition, Bhamo – Katha usually has a daily fast boat, which runs merely a few hours, but greater than that, both sunset and dawn scene on the boat will be the most incredible thing!

Make sure to check the boat schedule since it depends on the water level. For example, after October, the water level will go lower, causing the boat to Myanmar easily to get stuck on the sandbanks. Be careful since the security situation in Northern Myanmar, from Myitkyina to Bhamo is presently limited.

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