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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are located in Indochina peninsula. In the last post, we already showed you about Danang- an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam. We will introduce Vientiane to you in the next post and today, we want to take you to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and we will find out what to do in Phnom Penh when you travel to there. Indochina travel Cambodia

Nam Vang and Nam Vinh are two other names of Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is the largest city of Cambodia. It is also the capital city of Cambodia. Phnom Penh used to be named “Asian Pearl” in 1920s. It is famous for many buildings with French architecture and Khmer unique works. Phnom Penh is waiting for you to experience.

It is worthy for you to admire masterpieces of Royal palace.

Royal Palaces make Phnom Penh sparkling and magnificent. Palaces were built based on Khmer architecture and Palace image is the principal symbol on Cambodia’s national flag. Masterpieces of Royal Palaces consist of many unique works. Napoleon Palace is the most noticeable architecture. Napoleon III King had donated Napoleon Palace to Norodom Prince. This Palace was built based on French architecture. It is unique in Phnom Penh when comparing with all other Khmer architectures. There are two thrones and a sparkling Conference Hall inside Napoleon Palace. Conference Hall is used for meetings and welcoming diplomats. There is a fact that the real treasure of Napoleon Palace is Wat Preah Keo (Bac pagoda). It is not only the residents’ pride but also used for storing Cambodia people’s treasures. The emerald Buddha statue is regarded as national treasure of Cambodia and it is put on the best majestical position inside Napoleon Palace. It is high 30 centimeters with variety of changing colors; its color depends on our different view positions. You will certainly be impressed by the Royal Palaces when you visit Phnom Penh.

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh- source: https://vi.wikipedia.org/

Visiting Tonle Sap river will make you more peaceful

Tonle Sap river was regarded as the world’s biosphere conservation area in 1997. Tonle Sap means large freshwater river. Its square changes seasonally. In dry season (from November to April), Tonle Sap’s square is about 2,700 square kilometers. When raining season comes (from May to October), Tonal Sap becomes larger with 16,000 square kilometers. There are many pieces of fish living in the river. You can see residents’ boats with many kinds of goods include souvenir, they sell these things to tourists. You can also try living in residents’ floating houses along Tonle Sap river, experience Homestay travel. You will be attracted by floating villages. You will feel the peaceful atmosphere there when seeing the sunrise in the early morning. It is exciting for people who love nature research to visit the conservation area of scarce birds in Prek Toal.

Floating villages on Tonle Sap river

Floating villages on Tonle Sap river- source: https://vi.wikipedia.org/

Experience Emperor life in Nagaworld

Beside an ancient and untouched beauty, Phnom Penh also attracts tourists as a new entertainment heaven in Southeast Asia. People say that, if you travel to Cambodia especially to Phnom Penh without experience Emperor life in Hotel & Entertainment Complex, you will be regarded as not traveling to Cambodia. Nagaworld, 5-star Hotel & Entertainment Complex is appreciated by most of tourists. You can be immersed yourself into the large campus with 93,000 square meters and wonderful scene. Nagaworld is an intersection of Mekong River and Tonle Sap River, near Royal Palace so you will have a nice view from there. Traveling to Nagaworld makes you feel as you are in heaven with luxury designs follow international standards. You should experience massage services, join in bars, casinos and lounges to enjoy your life. You surely will urge yourself to visit Phnom Penh again if you have already had at least one exciting trip in Nagaworld. Cambodia travel packages

Ball room- the biggest room inside Nagaworld can accommodate 1,600 people

Ball room- the biggest room inside Nagaworld can accommodate 1,600 people –source: http://ngoisao.net/

Trying tasting popular cuisines in Phnom Penh

After visiting destinations, we are usually tired and hungry. So we want to take you to some eating places in Phnom Penh, especially street foods. Like Vietnam, Cambodia has many different cuisines, from luxury cuisines in luxury restaurants to street foods. In this post, we will introduce some typical delicious foods in Phnom Penh to you and hope that you will not have to consider what you eat when you travel to Phnom Penh. The first one is Numpang bread (bread with mayonnaise, some pieces of carrot, pickled papaya, barbecue, chili sauce and pork bologna inside). You can buy Numpang bread on any street in Phnom Penh. The second one is Nom Banh Chok noodles (noodles are made from rice, mixed with fish curry, green onion, eat with spearmints, cilantro, bean sprouts and chili sauce. It is so aromatic and tasty). There also have Num Plae Ai, Bai Sach chrouk, coconut water, fresh fruits, Mi Char dried noodles, and lemongrass steamed oysters Ngeav Chamboy. Are you hungry? So let’s travel to Phnom Penh and taste these foods!

Numpang bread

Numpang bread –source: http://news.zing.vn/

Lemongrass steamed oysters Ngeav Chamboy

Lemongrass steamed oysters Ngeav Chamboy- source: http://news.zing.vn/

Now you know what to do in Phom Penh with these tips in this post. Friendly people, Nagaworld, Tonle Sap, Royal Palaces and tasty foods in Phnom Penh are waiting for you to experience.

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