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Banlung city

Travel North Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the new tourist destinations and the most attractive in the world. Cambodia isopened to tourists in the early years of the 90s and the number of tourists has increased every year. Traveling to the North of Cambodia, visitors will see the old city of Banlung , this is a wild land

Inside the empire

Phnom Penh’s nightlife

Moving from incredible highs of rooftops, beautiful colonial villas, stunning cocktails and cool micro-bars to some of the seediest dives of Asia, Phnom Penh’s nightlife is worth enjoying. Do not forget the rule number one: not spend all your time on the river. Back toward town is the best way to enjoy the nightlife. Tours

Boat trip to the floating villages

Incredible attractions in Cambodia

Siem Reap, the closest town to the massive complex of ancient Hindu/Buddhist Temples, is actually a tourist bubble within an otherwise formidable, disordered country. Pockets of abundance exist, but it is not advisable for travelers to turn a blind eye to reality in Cambodia. An excellent tour guide together with perfect itinerary will show you

Kep, Cambodia

Where in southern Cambodia

The southern part of Cambodia includes a wealth of colonial heritage, Phnom Penh with its European architecture, the chic French seaside towns along the south coast. Indochina tours Cambodia Kep From the 1960s, Kep was Cambodia’s famous beach town. Nowadays, luxurious villas of the privileged class dotted the seaside, but remain as ruined traces of

Iroha Garden Hotel & Resort

Resort near Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. Phnom Penh is well-known for its colonial and Chinese-style, and the world Modern Khmer architectural style. Below, there are the best resorts near Phnom Penh. Rambutan Rambutan Resort is a 10-minute walk to Toul Sleng Museum and the Russian Market. The Rambutan Resort is designed in a new

Reef resort

Beach resorts in Sihanoukville

Each district of Sihanoukville attracts different types of clienteles for its own distinct character. Price for your stay here is especially high during the high season (may be from November to March) and drops gently between June and October, especially on Serendipity and Otres Beaches, but can increase very steeply on Khmer holidays. Indochina travel