Ta Prohm - the temple of exotic tree roots

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Ta Prohm – the temple of exotic tree roots

Cambodia – a land has enigmatic history and fascinating culture which is heavily influenced by Indian culture. Over the past 2,000 years, Cambodians have increasingly developed Khmer Faith with other beliefs including Buddhism and Hinduism. Therefore, thousands of temples and pagodas were built throughout the history with unique Khmer-styled architecture. Though Ta Prohm temple is also one of them, but the key point that appeals foreigners to Ta Prohm rather than any other temple is the presence of mysterious, giant tree roots. Travel to Indochina to visit Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm – the temple of exotic tree root

Ta Prohm – the temple of exotic tree root- source: internet

Ta Prohm – the place where nature reigns

Ta Prohm Temple is located in the east of Angkor Thom built by King Jayavarman VII in 1186. To date, the temple has collapsed a lot, but that very ruin appearance with giant roots of the old trees add up to enchanting atmosphere and magical beauty for the entire space covering the temple. All of those make tourists think that they become explorers in wild jungle.

Ta Prohm makes people feel and respect wonderful power of nature

Ta Prohm makes people feel and respect wonderful power of nature- source: internet

If Angkor Wat is an evidence for power and talent of ancient Khmer people, Ta Prohm would make people feel and respect wonderful and eternal power of nature. Because these peculiar roots did not planted by human. In fact, there is very special and funny truth that little do people know. The birds flew from forest to the temple and dropped seeds here day by day. Gradually, the seeds met favorable environment then grew into giant trees.

Ta Prohm is famous in the world

Maybe some tourists already know about Ta Prohm because it was one of the amazing filming sites in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (in 2001) with the participation of Angelina Jolie, but only when visiting this temple, they will be completely overwhelmed by the greatness of nature here. Ta Prohm brings about special feeling to everyone as if visitors were lost in another immense and unique world. Cambodia travel and tours

Ta Prohm was used as filming site for movie The tomb

Ta Prohm was used as filming site for movie The tomb- source: internet

Find your way to Ta Prohm

The best time to experience the beauty of Ta Prohm is usually in the early morning when there are only few visitors. There are many street vendors serving food and beverages for guests near the entrance of the temple, but you should not forget to bargain before buying anything.

The best time to experience the beauty of Ta Prohm is in the early morning

The best time to experience is in the early morning- source: internet

Ta Prohm Temple is situated in Angkor Area of Angkor Thom. From the center of Siem Reap City, there are two main roads to head toward: Sivatha Boulevard and Pokambor Road, followed by Tusamuth. Then you approach Charles de Gaulle Road and go to Angkor Wat. To go to Ta Prohm, you can rent a bike, motorbike or tuk tuk if you are not sure about the way.

Some general tips to visit temples

Entrance tickets in Angkor Area in 2017 are quite high: one day is $ 37, three days is $ 62 and seven days is $72. Unless you really love and desire to explore the temples, you should only choose three-day package maximum. Three days are enough to visit the most unique and beautiful temples here. If the weather is nice, in one day you can visit from four to six temples a day. Therefore, you should avoid visit Angkor in boiling or rainy weather.

Some tips to visit temples

Some tips to visit temples- source: internet

Nowadays, it is considered as one of the most impressive and crucial temples in Angkor Area, it is the precious heritage of not only Cambodian in particular but also human beings all over the world in general.

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