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Exploring Siem Reap by cuisine is a tasty way of travel

Top 5 must try local food in Siem Reap

Local food offers the perfect opportunity to experience Cambodian life and culture while sampling unique Khmer dishes. Siem Reap is a food-lover’s delight, the best eating city in Cambodia. The major tourist hub draws visitors not only by the majestic Angkor temples, but also appealing local dishes. This post will share to you Top 5

Works at Khmer Ceramics and Fine Arts Centre

Shopping in Siem Reap: 3 things can’t miss

Cambodia has been so far well known for its art and culture since the Khmer empire. Art and culture are not only presented in glorious architectures like Angkor temples, but also handed through Cambodian generations in lacquer paintings, ceramics, handicrafts and cuisines. Indochina tours Cambodia After finishing temple visits, these three must-do things on shopping

Street food in Siem Reap

Where to enjoy street food in Siem Reap

Especially if you know where to go, the Cambodian culinary experience can be an exotic fun and incredibly unique. Although not being as famous as the neighboring countries, Cambodia still offers you a wide selection of delicious national dishes. If you want to sample street food in Cambodia and Siem Reap as well, let’s get

Crunchy crickets

Weird dishes in Cambodia

If you are about to go to Cambodia, you should feel very cringing left and right at the weird foods you can see in markets. Make sure to keep an open mind on your Cambodian adventure although they may be a bit stranger than prawn cocktail crisps. These interesting foods will never be too far

Central Market

One-day trip in Phnom Penh

Particularly in and around the city center of Phnom Penh, you can see breathtaking architecture and cityscape. Phnom Penh is also very walkable as being hugged by the banks of the Ton Le Sap River. To immerse yourself in the hustle of peaceful daily life as well as enjoy the most intriguing and spectacular buildings

Unique beauty of Angkor Wat in wet season


Siem Riep is a popular resort town located in northwestern Cambodia. This place is famous for Angkor temples, Old French Quarter and traditional Apsara dance performances. There are a lot of museums, fishing villages, handicraft shops and ideal resort so Siem Reap becomes a favourite tourist destination of Cambodia. Because of its cultural beauty, I