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Best places to see in Cambodia

Cambodia which offers more ancient ruins viewing can satisfy these urges of all travelers who are getting bored with the spectacular natural sights of Vietnam as well as the stunning beaches of Thailand. Paying a visit to the famous site of Angkor offers a great chance to admire temples unrivaled in scale and grandeur in

Domestic flight in Myanmar

Flights in Burma

Although after many years of international sanctions and isolation, Myanmar is gradually open up to the outside world, traveling there that demands a visa application within a certain time period, with necessitates including a relative quantity of cash to pay for expenses, and not all parts of the country open for tourism, and somewhat restricted

It does not cost you much to get a SIM in Myanmar

Advices when traveling to Myanmar

There are more and more travellers venturing to this alluring country of Myanmar (also known as Burma) because it resumes opening up to the outside world. As Myanmar is experiencing a pretty fast transition, travelers can meet some difficulties searching for the latest information on what can expect on their visit to this country. Indochina

Phnom Penh

Cambodia holiday destination

If you really want to get under the skin of the country you are visiting, Cambodia is one of the most perfect luxury holiday destinations. From symbolic cultural sites, ancient and modern history, well-known hospitality, exquisite cuisine, together with an less-popular, authentic feeling that simply cannot be found elsewhere, what not, Cambodia offers you all.


Life in Cambodia

Visitors travel to Cambodia often leave with more bulky luggage because this country has many attractive souvenirs to choose from. So, if you know more about the life in Cambodia, you can easily to have nice trip. Travel Indochina Cambodia Krama handicraft goods, from silk fabrics, textile products, the sculptures and utensils is made ​​of

Floating market

Home living in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country, very significant mysteries for you to explore and live. But few know is that they have a kind of living is very unique – it is the floating house on water. You want to know more about home living in Cambodia by living in floating house. Indochina travel Cambodia When