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What to visit in Cambodia

Although slowly recovering from the severe influence of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror, Cambodia still has many major problems including land mines, poverty and a destroyed basic facilities and structures. But the restoration and healing process is now well under progress and the increasing numbers of streams of travelers are re-exploring the stunning attractions

Eastern Cambodia

Eastern Cambodia

The wide-open gaps of the distant and sparsely populated east of Cambodia which are a different world from the rest part of the country, offer a typical slice of countryside Khmer life largely unharmed by the modern world. Covering the western side of the area, the mighty Mekong River frames its way south from Laos,

A tuk tuk can carry at least 2 to 4 tourists

Cost of living in Cambodia

As deciding on where to travel, tourists always have to mind considering the cost of living of a destination. Cambodia, a country in South East Asia, has been a new rising star in tourism for its beautiful nature, hospitable local people especially low expense for living. Cambodia provides tourists with good quality but cheap service

Cambodia family

Family life in Cambodia

Family is a very important factor in every citizen Cambodia. In addition to the traditional sense of pride in the nation’s history, they also have a tradition of family ties through many generations as the people of Vietnam. Tours Indochina Cambodia Cambodians want live in the last several generations of a family. They eat, drink

Cambodian cuisine

Cambodian food culture

Have ever you heard about the stunning Cambodian cuisine? Are you curious to discover it? Let’s plan your trip to Cambodia to enjoy all stunning authentic dishes and immediately fall in love with Cambodian food. Travel Indochina The most popular ingredient of Cambodian dishes is prahok, which is a kind of fermented fish paste often

River life

Life in Cambodia

Sharing western border with Thailand and eastern border with Vietnam, Cambodia is one of the most popular countries famous as an ideal tourist destination. The majority of Cambodians are devoted to devoted to Buddhism; which is also heavily affected by the the ancient Hinduism during the Angkor period. Indochina holidays Cambodia Nevertheless, they are also