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Angkor night market


In addition to exploring famous archeological populations or beautiful islands, visitors should not miss busy shopping areas in Cambodia. If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, do not overlook some shopping tips below. Currency Riel, a currency unit of Cambodia, is widely used in the daily life of its residents. Yet, the government allows

Who will be the winner in 2017

The Biggest Water Festival in Cambodia

After the tragic event on the last day of the festival in 2010, it was canceled the following three years. In 2014, the Water Festival was camcelled, although much less visitors than normal attended this festivities. And in 2015, the government pulled the plug again. The official reason was: the water level is too low

Moon festival is a unique occasion in Cambodia

Moon festival in Cambodia- an unforgettable experience

Moon festival is a unique traditional festival in almost Asian countries. In other words, it can be called as the special custom of these nations. Asian people organize Moon festival and consider it as an indispensable occasion in their belief. Although having some common features, each of countries has its own uniqueness in how to

Steam Rice in a Bamboo stick

Exotic Dishes To Try in Cambodia

Cambodian food is more than just these two ingredients of rice and freshwater fish from the Mekong River and Tonle Sap, which are the staple Cambodian diet. Cambodian cuisine, which is often overshadowed by its neighboring Vietnam and Thailand, deserves more than what it is receiving now. Any experienced tourists will definitely have a good

Amok fish

Siem Reap food to enjoy

Besides the Buddhist temple and the Angkor Wat, Cambodia is famous for its original and appetizing cuisine. Let’s travel and enjoy top must-eat food in a beautiful in Siem Reap – the Northwestern town of Cambodia. Prahok Prahok is globally famous as a distinctive characteristic of Cambodian cuisine. The locals have to prepare well processed

Ta Prohm Temple


These 5 must-go temples in Siem Reap proves that this unique ancient city has not only Angkor Wat temple as symbol of Cambodia but also other hundreds of magnificent temples, which is the sacred pride of this country. It’s never enough time for foreign tourists to discover all temples or pagodas here. These following list