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Barbeque frog

Challenging dishes you can find in Cambodia

If food that stays in your minds long lastly is what you expect from each country, these astonishing challenging insect foods you can find in Cambodia will blow your feeling away. Due to their bad appearances, those insect foods are terrifying if compared to other countries, but they are not harmed at all. Travel to

Avoid processed food

Eating Well in Cambodia

While you are at home considering whether or not to try healthy food, Cambodians are going about their day as they always have: they go to the local market every day for fresh seasonal foods and ingredients. They are having a whole food diet of whole grains, lean protein, vegetables and fresh fruit. Cambodian locals


Where to go for reasonable backpacker eats in Phnom Penh

Eating on a budget in Phnom Penh is not as hard as you might think. Spending enough time in Phnom Penh and discover some of the most reasonably priced spots in the city. Happy Patch Located in the heart of BKK1 on the corner of 62 and 288, a big ex-pat area of the city,

A picture of Koh Ta Kiev


The magical hand of nature seems to have bias towards Cambodia when giving this country so many glamorous beaches. Specially, Cambodia’s beaches have ethereal beauty, which makes you feel lost in a legendary world. The following top beaches are the ideas for beach lovers to have great experience. Being a short drive away from the

Dishes to try in Kampot

Reasons why Kampot is Cambodia’s top places to kick back and relax

The modest town of Kampot has a strange way to make travelers fall in love with it. Many new arrivals who plan to stay for two nights can be found a week later, sitting by the river while drinking a cold beer and plotting ways to move there permanently. Travel to Cambodia with: Indochina travel

Traveling by mini-bus is the cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

To travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap, you can choose one of several ways, most of which are divided into two categories: cheap but annoying and fast but expensive. Going overland is cheap and time-consuming while flying is fast and expensive. Ttravel to Siem Reap with Indochina travel CambodiaFlying from Bangkok to Siem Reap There